Sometimes life gets confusing; we find ourselves uncertain of the future, desperate for a solution from any source. When everything seems confusing and bleak, a psychic reader may be your best bet to shed light on matters. The best online psychic readers can help you deal with all sorts of issues. You can ease tensions about your job, learn about your love life, or any other problem causing you unease. As a result, you’ll be able to face your problems and make better decisions about your life.

Psychic reading entails an extraordinary vision and interpretation of the future. Currently, you can get reliable psychic services from any part of the world, thanks to the availability of the internet. Psychic readers help you confirm your judgment, make new decisions, or adjust your course of action if they see trouble in your current path. With online psychic reading platforms offering a variety of psychic readings, you can get psychic readings 24/7 from the most skilled and gifted psychics all around the world.

However, not everything is that easy. While psychic readers are an invaluable source of information, you must first seek them out before getting any valuable advice. Due to the demand for online psychic readings, many scammers have set up websites to try and rip off unexpected customers. Therefore, we’ve done the research for you and created a list of the top 5 online psychic reading websites.

Top Online Psychic Medium for Love And Career Guidance [2022]:

  1. Purple Garden : Overall Best For Accurate Psychic Readings, Via Phone, Chat Or Video
  2. Kasamba : Top Psychic Medium With Trusted Spiritual Readers & Fortune-Tellers
  3. Keen : Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Readings
  4. AskNow : Affordable Psychic Readers for Astrology & Numerology
  5. Oranum : Best Psychic Mediums For Guidance On Big Life Decisions

Here are the detailed reviews of our top pick:

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best For Accurate Psychic Readings, Via Phone, Chat Or Video

Purple Garden is one of the best online psychic reading sites. It has gained popularity due to its high-quality services and accurate tarot card readings. Also, the company offers psychic readings via phone, online chats, or video calls, something convenient in pandemic times. Purple Garden has an interactive tool that connects you with a tarot card reader that suits your needs. All tarot readers have legal certifications and are reliable, so you can trust that you are getting a solution from a skilled professional.

The company has an easy-to-use website where you can filter through readers to find one that suits your needs. You can look at reading types, charges, availability, and reviews from previous clients. This will help you decide on a psychic with whom you feel comfortable. What’s more, you can also view video recordings of the psychics so you can better determine if their expertise can help answer your questions.


Purple Garden proves itself adaptable to the modern world by offering a handy mobile app. You download the app and register using your email. Once you are in, search for the available psychics and click on their profiles to know more.

The website interface is relatively straightforward; you can easily find what you need without confusion. So, instead of learning how to use the app, you can use your time to interact with psychics.

The company has an easy payments system whereby they deduct money from your Apple or Android account to pay for the services you seek. When payment is approved, you can click on your preferred reader and start your psychic reading journey.

Purple Garden cares about the psychic reading services offered to their clients, which is why they don’t pick readers randomly. On the contrary, every psychic applies and undergoes a test to prove their capability. Every applicant must give an accurate reading during the test, so you’re always going to find someone credible to answer your questions.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PurpleGarden


  • First few minutes are free
  • Instant connection with psychics
  • Highly skilled readers 
  • Readings offered via calls, text, or video calls
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Viewable psychic reader profiles


  • Some readers are unavailable online
  • No informative psychic blog

Customer Reviews

Many customers of Purple Garden cite a positive change in their lives from using Purple Garden’s services. They love the affordable rates and the genuine insights they gain into their lives. Most would happily return for more readings.

#2. Kasamba : Top Psychic Medium With Trusted Spiritual Readers & Fortune-Tellers

Kasamba is another online psychic reading site founded in 1999. It has gained popularity owing to its tarot and astrological reading skills. The company doesn’t offer phone or video call readings, but you can get their services through email or chat. Their services include astrological readings, dream analysis, numerology readings, career predictions, psychic and tarot card readings, and energy healing sessions. If you are a new client, you will receive three minutes of a free psychic reading online, along with 70% off of the original price of a psychic reading.

Their website allows you to see the profile of all their psychics to learn more about their specialty, experience, and the type of psychic reading they offer. There is a section for customer reviews under each profile to help you know what others say about their services. If you can’t decide, Kasamba also has a Top Psychics section containing highly rated readers.

Kasamba’s interface is easy to use and has tabs for each reading offered on their site. So, you click on the reading you need and get a list of psychics that provide those services. For example, if you want a tarot card reading, click on the Tarot Reading tab, and the company will display the tarot card readers available.


Besides being affordable, Kasamba offers the first three minutes free of charge. This means that you can experiment with readings from various psychics with three minutes free for every reader. Those minutes allow you to evaluate the psychics and decide whether you want to pay to learn more.

If it’s your first time using Kasamba, you get a 70% discount off the regular rates for your first reading. It is a nice gesture to welcome a new member, by saving them some cash.

Kasamba has convenient chat and email options for customer support. These options enable you to write directly to the company’s customer service representatives. Additionally, Kasamba shows it really cares about customer satisfaction by offering a guarantee on all its services. If you’re not satisfied with your reading, you can ask for a refund.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Informative articles available
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Three free minutes 
  • 70% discount for first-time clients
  • Variety of psychic readings
  • Advisors profiles available
  • Customer reviews and ratings available
  • Rates start from $1.99


  • Not compatible with older browsers

Customer Reviews

Customers love the free consultation minutes. They state that it allows them to pick readers according to their personal needs, which is not possible with offline readers. Others praised being able to receive remote readings at an affordable rate backed up by a satisfaction guarantee.

#3. Keen : Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Readings

Keen doesn’t appear in the list of the best online psychic reading sites for nothing; they have over 1,700 psychics. So, you can take your pick; there’s something here for everyone. You can easily schedule a meeting by picking a psychic of your choice. To make things easier, you can filter between different readers based on price, specialization, ratings, and reviews. Once you find someone you like, you can click “Chat Now” or “Call Now.”

Another way to find a suitable psychic apart from filtering is by reading previous client reviews. The information can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of various psychics, an easy way to find the one most suitable for your needs. Furthermore, you can connect with Keen’s psychics through a chat or a phone call. In other instances, they send your reading through a mailbox.

Unlike other companies that require sophisticated browsers, Keen has a mobile app through which you can conveniently access psychic sessions. With the phone app, you can get psychic readings from any location and at any time.


Keen offers three minutes of free psychic consultations to help you decide if you want to proceed. If you are a new client, you get 10 minutes of psychic reading at $1.99, allowing you to try several psychic advisors at a lower cost. Additionally, Keen has a collection of highly experienced psychics capable of handling critical situations that require a life-changing decision.

Once you find a psychic that suits your preferences, all you need is to click on chat or email from the company’s website. You can also download the Keen app, available on Android and iOS.

The profiles of their top-ranking psychics are featured on the company’s homepage. Moreover, they make their profiles, ratings, fees, customer reviews, and chat options available for viewing. In addition, Keen has a horoscope section that is entertaining and informative. Overall, Keen is well-known in the market for accurate psychic readings and has a remarkable history.

Keen has affordable services starting from $1.99. If you are not happy with the psychic reading you received, the company refunds $25 Keen credits. The company has also been featured in different publications such as Refinery, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Fees start from $1.99
  • Three free trial minutes
  • Mobile app available
  • Discretion on personal information
  • $25 Keen credits guarantee for unsatisfied clients
  • Discounts for first-time users
  • A considerable number of psychics


  • Free minutes only for first-timers

Customer Reviews

Users were pleased with the quality of services they got from Keen, especially in love, relationship, and life questions. They also liked the reading accuracy and regularly checked back to keep things on track in their lives.

#4. AskNow : Affordable Psychic Readers for Astrology & Numerology

AskNow comes out as one of the best psychic reading sites thanks to its team of exceptional psychics that interact with the spirit world. They help you communicate with the spirits and learn more from beyond this world.

You can get psychic readings via a phone call or chat, whatever is more convenient. They offer various psychic services, including spiritual guidance, tarot card reading, financial readings, numerology, career guidance, dream interpretation, and psychic mediums. AskNow allows you to filter available psychics depending on the reading type, fees, and availability to get the right psychic for your needs.

Once you get the list of psychics that match your criteria, go through their profiles to find the one that is most fit. Furthermore, AskNow makes your search easier by highlighting the skills of a psychic in a summarized sentence. The company also has a horoscope section that you can view to get predictions on your sign. Additionally, it has informative articles on related topics, including unexplained phenomena, history, lucky numbers, and past lives. It releases these articles every day, meaning there is an endless learning opportunity in AskNow.

Besides articles, AskNow has a video tab where experts answer common questions. It’s a great way to brush up on your knowledge and learn some new things.


If you are a new client, you get good deals of $1 per minute for the first 30 minutes. This is a friendly welcome, making you feel that AskNow cares about your satisfaction. If you don’t use the entire 30 minutes, you can use them the next time you want a reading since they have a one-year validity.

When you pay for a reading and are not satisfied with the services, you get five minutes for free on your next reading. Therefore, you don’t feel the loss with the added minutes to your next subscription.

It also has a horoscope section with daily predictions, available for free. If you have a concern, an email and customer service numbers are provided on the website. Its customer support team is always on standby, ready to give a prompt response to any issue raised by clients. 

Besides having a well-outlined website, AskNow has a mobile application that you can download and register to access psychic services using your phone. The app is suitable for those who don’t have the latest browser and require the services at their convenience.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Free horoscopes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Master psychics available
  • Appealing discounts
  • Amazing introductory offers
  • Free videos for FAQs
  • Convenient psychic readings through calls and texts


  • No video call psychic readings
  • Free minutes only accessible after buying package 

Customer Reviews

Most users rated AskNow as one of the best online psychic reading websites because of its team of experienced psychic readers. The company also has a free horoscope section. Customers love being able to gain free knowledge and then complement it with paid services to get the most out of their lives.

#5. Oranum : Best Psychic Mediums For Guidance On Big Life Decisions 

Oranum is the best online psychic reading platform for people who want to get their psychic readings through video calls. Readings via video call make you feel more connected to the readers since you can see the cards live. Also, readers offer a weekly public session for their clients to see how they read the cards and arrive at different conclusions.

The website offers a wide range of services like love readings, tarot card readings, astrological readings, sound therapy, and dream analysis. The company has a collection of psychics with experience in various psychic readings. There’s also support for different languages so users don’t feel left out. However, limited filtering options may pose a hurdle for new users.

The interface is user-friendly, with essential tabs like fortune-telling, career guidance, astrology, love readings, and tarot readings pinned at the top of the website’s homepage. These tabs make it easy to connect directly with psychics knowledgeable in your field of interest.


The platform gives you the option to select the type of reading you want. Therefore, you click on the tab, and psychic advisors on that topic will appear. Go ahead and scrutinize their profiles before settling on any of the readers. Moreover, Oranum displays all live psychics on the homepage.

It has excellent customer support available 24/7. You can reach them through chat or email provided on the website. The support representatives are always ready to receive and answer your questions and let the management know of your concerns.

Oranum has a refund policy whereby you get your money back if you are unhappy with the outcome of your reading session. The refund allows you to try out a new psychic at no extra cost.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Pet psychic readings are available
  • Reading done via video call
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Over a hundred psychics are available
  • Three minutes free for new subscribers
  • Refund for unsatisfied clients
  • Supports different languages
  • Reliable customer support


  • Video readings are costly

Customer Reviews

Most people loved Oranum’s psychic video readings since they could quickly connect with the psychics. They state that seeing the readings live made them feel more connected and in tune with their sessions. Some people said they would prefer a discount on video services, citing them as being a bit pricey.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Psychic Reading Services

When choosing the best online psychic reading services, you have to ensure that you have considered all factors that will allow you to get the right results. Some of these factors include:

  • Trial Minutes

Since you are searching for the best online psychic reading platform, you might be hesitant about spending money on a reading. Therefore, you need to look for a company that gives you free trial minutes to help you decide if you want to proceed with the reading before paying the total amount. If you don’t like the reading offered during the free trial session, you can decide to try another psychic and settle for the one you want.

  • Guarantee

Even if you decide to pay for the readings after the free trial, you might end up unsatisfied at the end of the session. In such cases, you need a company that guarantees compensation in such scenarios. That means you will have your money refunded if you are not happy with the results. You can then use the money to find a better psychic and have an accurate and satisfactory reading. While some may not refund your money, they compensate you with five minutes credit on your next reading. However, some don’t have a guarantee policy. So, keep an eye on this before you take the plunge.

  • Experience

The best online psychic reading site recruits reliable psychics with adequate experience. Most companies conduct interviews with these psychics before hiring them into their team. Typically these sites display their psychics’ information on their websites, including their experience level. Therefore, look for this information and only select the one with a satisfactory experience.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to find out if you can rely on a psychic reader. So, you need to read online comments left by other users on the psychic to know if they deliver results. These evaluations let you know what to expect from a reader and if you should spend your money.

  • Contact Method

Most psychic reading sites have various contact options. These options typically include phone calls, chat, or video calls. Also, you can reach them through email if you want to test a psychic’s response to questions before starting the actual reading.

Of all the available contact methods, most clients prefer video reading because it is closer to having a one-on-one encounter with the psychic. Psychics also prefer this mode of contact since they can read their client’s facial expressions and give more precise and accurate readings.

  • Psychic’s Profile

The best online psychic reading site has its psychic profile available to the public and published on the front page of its website. Profiles work as a psychic’s introduction to clients. They include all the necessary information about a psychic, like fees, specialty, and customer reviews. With this information, you can tell if you click with the psychic or need to move to someone else.

Online vs. Offline Psychic Reading: Why is it better to Use Online Phone Psychics?

You can have a psychic reading online or offline, depending on your preference. However, it is critical to appreciate that each has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of your choice, ensure that you get a genuine psychic. Most platforms offer free psychic readings to help customers find the best online psychics for their needs.

While it is convenient to have your readings done in the comfort of your home or wherever you choose, some people prefer one-on-one interaction with the reader. However, a face-to-face meeting can be hard to schedule since you need to agree on a meeting place and travel to that place to get your reading done. With online reading, all you need is to log into the website, pick a reader, and start your session.

When using the best online psychic reading websites, you can choose among several readers before paying for the service. You can also take advantage of the free minutes to try out several of them. On the other hand, there is no room for trials if you have a local reader.

Frequently Asked Questions: Online Psychic Readings 

Q1. How can I know if they are real psychics?

The best online psychic reading websites work hard to make sure that they hire only the most experienced and reputable psychics. You can read their profiles on the website and see their reviews from previous users. If a psychic is not highly rated or has no reviews yet, then keep looking for someone else who does.

Q2. How do the psychics get their information?

There are many ways that psychics receive information about your past and future. They may use clear seeing, hearing, or feeling. Some psychics use tools such as tarot cards or other divination methods. Furthermore, others have the unique ability to channel spirit guides who provide them with the answers they seek.

Q3. What are online psychic readings?

Online psychic readings are services offered by psychics and clairvoyants who can provide insight into your past, present, or future. These intuitive readers work in various ways, but they all have one common goal: to give you a clearer understanding of your life and its forces.

Q4. How do I choose an online psychic?

There are hundreds of psychics available online, so it can be challenging to separate the real psychics from the fake ones. The best way to find a genuine, trustworthy psychic is to find a website that has been around for a long time. Also, the psychic should have great reviews and ratings from other users. Another good way to find a reputable psychic is to look for one that offers free trial psychic readings.

Q5. What kind of questions can I ask during my online psychic reading?

You can ask about anything in your life, from love to money and beyond. However, the best online psychic readings are specific as opposed to general. So if you need help with a particular situation, try formulating your question before contacting an advisor to get the most out of your session.

Conclusion: Top Psychic Readers For Future Predictions About Career & Love Life [2022]

Before signing up for a psychic reading, ensure that the psychic is legitimate. To prove legitimacy, they should only ask you to provide your name, address, and phone number before you start scheduling appointments. However, a psychic should never ask for your bank account number or credit card information; they accept payments via their website. In other words, the best online psychics and counselors are professionals people turn to when looking to improve their lives in whatever way possible. Nowadays, you can get an online reading, and you can choose to do a phone psychic reading, video, or chat.

While online psychics are challenging to verify by their very nature, they can provide us with helpful insights into our lives. Whether you believe that psychics have special powers, there is something in this industry for everyone. Communicating with someone who can provide an unbiased perspective about your life helps you deal with many complicated problems you might encounter. For these reasons, consider the best online psychic readings and evaluate them on their merits before you take a pick. Our handy list should help you pick someone you’ll definitely like.