AccuRanker, the leading enterprise rank tracker platform is pleased to announce major updates for the implementation of new features to AccuRanker and a redesigned website for a better user experience. The customers of the platform now have access to unique and impressive features to keep track of thousands of keywords and enhance the website’s organic search performance.

The update includes a completely redesigned dashboard with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to track your progress and spot opportunities quickly. In addition, they have launched three new features called ‘Keyword Discovery’, ‘Dynamic Tagging’, and ‘Organic Site Explorer’. These updates will help users gain deeper insights into their competitors’ strategies, improve their SEO efforts and provide them with better insights into their website’s performance.

Keyword Discovery allows customers to view all the keywords their domain has been indexed for with the help of AccuRanker extensive database of keywords. It will also help choose the best keywords to keep track of without wasting time on the wrong ones.



Dynamic Tagging made it possible to track a wide range of keywords under one tag and track them at once. The tracking results are real-time and change constantly depending on the ranking of keywords going up or down. So, customers can identify potential causes and take corrective action.



Keeping track of the entire website with a visual overview is made possible with AccuRanker’s Organic Site Explorer feature. It tracks missing keywords of competitors’ and customers’ websites to provide in-depth insights that can help develop better SEO strategies to improve performance.


For Enterprises and SEO agencies, keeping accurate track of keywords with in-depth analysis in real-time is essential. It has been made possible by AccuRanker’s unique features to get great insight into keywords performance and stay ahead in the competitive digital market. With these powerful additions to its arsenal, AccuRanker solidifies its position as the most comprehensive SERP checker on the market.

Henrik Jørgensen, the CEO and co-founder of AccuRanker said: “Our enhanced website now offers more features and abilities for anyone to check real-time tracking of keywords, traffic, and rankings.”


About AccuRanker:

AccuRanker is the world’s fastest, most accurate keyword rank tracking for Enterprise SEO and SEO Agencies. It is a Denmark-based SEO software company established in 2013 by Henrik and Christian. AccuRanker received European Search Award and was shortlisted for US and UK Search Awards. With more than 32,000 customers, AccuRanker is widely acknowledged as one of the most respected SERP tracker SaaS platforms for today’s digital marketers and SEO specialists.

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