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AKA AI (hereinafter ‘AKA’) announced its recent expansion of AI business to the field of smart-farming and the consequent establishment of a new branch, Jeju data center. The Jeju data center focuses on the development of AI technology for implementation in manless farming environments.


AKA’s latest addition to its AI-vision powered robotics and analytics technology is ‘Schwarzwald’, a robot-assisted solution for automated agricultural data collection and AI analytics. Schwarzwald uses LIDAR sensing, camera imaging, motion sensing, and data processing technology to identify and analyze agricultural produce – AKA’s research and development specifically involves asparagus and palm fruit as a first pilot target. Through rounds of testing on farms, Schwarzwald is able to detect individual fruits by scanning and analyzing each of their ripeness with more than 90% accuracy.


The newly founded Jeju data center is already showing great promise. AKA has established business relationships with 2,380 m² farms in Jeju. Among hundreds of promising IT startups, Schwarzwald established a partnership with the Route330 ICT Program of JDC’s city development project in April of this year. The Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) is the largest business development organization in the city of Jeju, South Korea, promoting the pre-unicorn startups’ ICT development with domestic and international support.


jeju asparagus farm_left jeju asparagus farm_right

Schwarzwald-implemented asparagus farms in Jeju


According to AKA’s Chief Technology Officer, Rammi Nam, AKA is currently facing two major milestones for the development and implementation of the robot-assisted AI-farming solution. 


Schwarzwald’s imminent goal is to supplement agricultural manpower and to solve fundamental problems of human-powered and limited experience-based approaches. For the first project in asparagus cultivation, rigorous data collection and R&D is in progress to develop crop and gender detectors, and subsequently asparagus harvesters using AKA’s AI solutions.


In the company’s second milestone, Schwarzwald’s area of specialty will be expanded to pest control. AKA is planning to apply its agricultural identification and analyst technology to develop thrips (pest) and thrips eggs detectors as well as corynespora leaf spot (disease) detectors. These advances in agricultural technology are anticipated to significantly increase the efficiency of crop cultivation and the scale of crop yield.


AKA’s technological capabilities are internationally recognized. The company received a 2021 Edison Award in the U.S. for technological and market innovation and was awarded the 2021 Intelligence Grand Prize in intelligent products from the Korean Intelligent Information Systems Society (KIISS). AKA leads the AI transformation of education at home and abroad, having implemented Musio at nearly 150 institutions.


About AKA AI

AKA AI is the developer of the AI engine Muse and the Muse-powered social robot Musio. AKA focuses on providing the Muse engine in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). The company targets the global market, as demonstrated by success cases like the integration of Muse with SoftBank’s social robot, Pepper. The company’s mission is to supplement humanity’s intellectual capabilities through AI and social robots. Ultimately, the company seeks to create practical changes through AI technology, in ways that will transform and enrich lives.


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