California-based Tech start-up, AKA Cognitive (DBA AKA), announces the launch of ReSmart, a revolutionary new mobile application that is set to change the way people monitor and improve their cognitive abilities. The launch marks the company’s entry into the Digital Therapeutics segment, leveraging its AI expertise in the implementation of digital solutions from its success in the EdTech sector.

With increased life expectancies leading to a rise in the number of dementia diagnoses, AKA has integrated its own artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Muse, and years of research on cognitive abilities to develop ReSmart. In addition to its previous focus on the AI transformation in education, AKA is also aiming to address the cognitive issues facing senior citizens, expanding its target consumers from K-12 to elderlies.

ReSmart is a mobile application that provides personalized daily programs to improve cognitive abilities in an effort to delay and potentially even prevent the progression of dementia. With a gamified user experience aimed at fostering self-motivation, ReSmart offers AI-assisted life coaching based on five cognitive areas of the brain including attention, linguistics, memory, thinking, and visuospatial ability.


(ReSmart Interfaces – Result and Analysis)

The app features a simple user interface to make it accessible for elderly users who may not have a strong understanding of technology. In the beta launch, ReSmart also offers 20+ brain fitness games to train critical cognitive skills, 50+ meditative, binaural-beats-based audio sessions to calm the mind, over 100 recommended daily activities, and many more to come, to help keep the body and brain fit holistically.* The iOS version can be synchronized with activity data from the Apple Health app and can track activity through iPhone and Apple Watch.

*Jung, Raymond, et al. “Resmart: Brain training games for enhancing cognitive health.” Advances in Computer Vision and Computational Biology: Proceedings from IPCV’20, HIMS’20, BIOCOMP’20, and BIOENG’20. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2021. 331-337.

ReSmart’s novelty lies in its use of AI to collect, analyze, and interpret user data on their cognitive performance, enabling it to detect signs of dementia. Drawing on numerous compelling publications indicating the effectiveness of the novel method, the app provides a holistic approach to dementia detection and treatment through AI-based CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) techniques and brain training games. Furthermore, AKA developed the state-of-the-art Soft Information Gain techniques to improve the reliability of the detection by providing the early dementia diagnosis results with a probability (from 0 to 1), not with a hard decision (0 or 1).**

**Park, Hyeseong, et al. “ReSmart-15: An Information Gain based Questionnaire for Early Dementia Detection.” HEALTHY 2022 in 27th annual conference on intelligent user interfaces. 2022.


(Resmart Interface – Activity Tracking)

ReSmart is also highly accessible, as it can be accessed through smartphones and wearables, helping overcome the reluctance to use technology and improving adherence, which is essential for early dementia detection. The app also offers analytics regarding the user’s performance on different cognitive functions, allowing users to compete with other ReSmart users and track their progress over time.

With the beta launch coming this February, AKA is excited to bring ReSmart to the market and believes that this innovative app has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach dementia detection and treatment. With ReSmart, users can monitor their cognitive abilities in a personalized manner, with the aim to improve their overall cognitive health and to prevent the onset of early dementia and mild cognitive impairment. After the beta launch, AKA plans to provide continuous updates to the app and also to deliver its series of AI solutions, especially against cognitive disorders and depression.

About AKA

AKA is a California-based AI engine(‘Muse’) company that provides Muse-powered EdTech and healthcare solutions in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). The company targets the global market, as demonstrated by success cases like the integration of Muse with SoftBank’s social robot Pepper and the implementation of AKA’s social robot Musio in 150+ educational institutions in Southeast Asia. AKA’s mission is to supplement humanity’s intellectual capabilities and create practical changes through AI technology, in ways that will ultimately transform and enrich lives.

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