In relation to the so-called “Ecuador Dossier,” Ambassador Alex Saab’s international legal defense team wishes to state the following:

  1. Alex Saab has no relationship nor has engaged in any business with former presidents Juan Manuel Santos and Rafael Correa.
  1. The Global Construction Fund Ecuador (FOGLOCONS DE ECUADOR) was the subject of a judicial process in which all its accounting and financial information was exhaustively reviewed and culminated in the dismissal of the case in favour of the defendants with res judicata in 2016. This legal qualification has been clearly explained by the former prosecutor Galo Chiriboga.
  1. Alex Saab was not part of those companies that were investigated and cleared in that criminal case.
  2. It is puzzling to understand the motives of the authors of the “Ecuador Dossier” why, when the issues at the heart of the report are only relevant to Ecuador, during a coinciding timely situation in Colombia.
  3. Given the above, the Defense Team must also question the intentions of the deputies who are pushing self-serving agenda over a matter which has been subjected to a full judicial review and cannot therefore be reponed.

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