Springfield, Missouri-based financial advisor Andrew Denney understands the importance of trust and security for clients searching for top-tier wealth management.

As a former recipient of the Trusted Advisor designation in the Springfield, Missouri, area, Denney remains committed to helping his clients succeed. He also spreads the message of responsible financial management and growth through his own business and firm, Prosperity Financial Group.

Prosperity Financial Group was founded in 2015 to further Andrew Denney’s vision of providing high-quality portfolio management and financial services to the larger Missouri area. With areas of expertise including financial advising, estate planning, and financial planning, the firm leverages both Denney’s experience and the knowledge of the larger team to help clients meet impressive goals related to wealth and retirement. 

The role of trust

While many clients focused on wealth and financial planning are managing generational wealth or larger portfolios, Denney advises many are also moving into higher income brackets for the first time. With standard savings vehicles for retirement, such as IRAs and 401(k)s maxed out annually, they are looking for the next steps on how to manage their funds prudently for long-term success. 

For all clients, knowing an advisor has a reputation as a trusted professional in the field makes all the difference. When Denney accepted his award as a Trusted Advisor from the Springfield Business Journal, it was alongside accountants, bankers, insurance agents, and lawyers who also strive to meet the needs of clients. Denney was one of only three honorees in the Top Wealth Manager category, and while touched by the honor, he is humbled by the ongoing trust placed in his firm by clients moving to the next level in their financial journeys.

In a quote at the time, Denney reflected on the outstanding company shared at the awards ceremony and stated, “…So much of what we do as financial advisors is behind the scenes. While the success of our clients is our greatest reward—what we work toward every day—the recognition of that hard work is much appreciated.”

At Prosperity Financial Group, Andrew Denney leads an independent advisory firm that focuses on clearly articulated fee-based services. Responsible portfolio development, strategic allocation of assets, and frequent communications with clients are the hallmarks of the management style. 

By careful investment selection and consistent oversight, clients receive the best management possible and stay informed consistently to allow for input, advisement, and the plotting of new paths based on shifting client goals.

For Denney, bringing this level of care to the Springfield, MO, community is a way of serving the families and businesses of his home. As a Missouri State University graduate, he understands the challenges businesses face and the importance of retirement plans and college funding to families building a better future for themselves, their communities, and the state.