Artrooms App Sees Downloads Skyrocket as Art Sales for Users Increase


App for artists and galleries gains traction as online sales increase by connecting with users globally and in the NFT community

Los Angeles, CA – August 18, 2022 – Artrooms app is designed for artists. Using the app they can superimpose, frame, and light their art in an ever-evolving collection of realistic interior images from their Apple or Android device.

The founding team started Artrooms while working with art collectors. They noticed clients would connect with artwork but would struggle with envisioning how the art would look in their space. This would often result in no sale or delayed sales. By utilizing the Artrooms app, artists quickly helped collectors envision the art piece in their space resolving visual concerns and increasing sales.

After launching five years ago, Artrooms app has a major presence globally with users in over 175 countries to date. This global presence has created a robust and supporting artist community, allowing for Artrooms to inspire millions of artists and collectors worldwide.

Recently, The San Diego Voyager reported that the global community “connects and supports one another via Artrooms’ social media on a daily basis. And many write to Artrooms to share they made the sale using Artrooms or that being featured on Artrooms social media connected them with a new collector.”

While the company is best known for helping traditional artists’ sales increase, it has recently gained traction with the NFT (non-fungible token) community as the app is now available for NFT artists to use. As NFT art is transforming the art industry, Artrooms app anticipates significant additional growth.

According to, the total sales value of NFT art has surpassed $1.5 billion in the past six months. As this emerging NFT artists community grows, Artrooms app is positioned to continue to see downloads increase from this burgeoning industry.

Artroom plans on expanding its presence further by developing relationships with art communities and organizations as well as NFT art collectors in the next coming weeks.

About Artrooms App: Artrooms app is the easiest way for artists to share their art and photography to increase exposure and sales. The app has been downloaded in over 175 countries and has quickly become the first and leading app to showcase artwork digitally in situ.

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