Can someone fix receding gums (How to treat the receding gums safely?)

If you are noticing things like gaps or pockets forming between your gum and teeth line, you are likely to have gum recession. And when left untreated, your bone structures and supporting tissue of your teeth can fully get damaged, even resulting in tooth loss. According to Hyman Hearing new study, there are treatments scientifically tested and proved to help repair your gum preventing them from further damage from medical treatment, natural treatments to other treatments.

The natural That May Help Prevent Gum Disease

  • Green Tea

Drink two or one cup of natural green tea each day to help prevent and promote healthy gums.

  • Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is tested to be effective to fight the growth of the pathogens in patient’s mouth, which causes receding gums.

  • Oil pulling

Doing oil pulling can fight and reduce plaque and bacteria, which commonly leads to gums start receding. Consume two tablespoons in your mouth of oil, then swish for around 20 minutes. Next, spit the oil rinse your mouth using fresh warm salt water.

  • Turmeric gel

Basically, turmeric gel has anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant substances to prevent gingivitis and plaque that may lead to receding gums.

  • Saltwater

Saltwater can remove the inflamed gums via rinsing the mouth with the fresh saltwater and repeat for twice or thrice per day.

  • Flossing and brushing

Brushing your teeth gently and flossing twice every day will promote strong and healthy gums.

Medical Treatments

  • Antibiotics

This official page has shown how antibiotic can be useful for your dental health. You can use antibiotics temporary for your gum recession. Besides, this treatment is utilized with root planning and scaling to help get rid of the bacteria’s in the mouth that are likely to cause receding gums.

  • Root and scaling planning

This is a deeper dental cleaning that focuses under gum line, tooth surfaces, and tooth roots. This aids in removing tartar and plaque. Further, it helps to prevent the bacteria from sticking around and latching on. And this procedure can be done by the local numbing anaesthetic.

  • Tissue grafts

Tissue grafting includes removal of the tissue from the mouth roof and get stitched to gums over recession area. You are likely to have two or one stitch of your mouth. After the area heals, your root will successfully be protected and covered.

  • Flap surgery

This is a tissue cleaning utilized when other treatments fail. The surgery removes tartar and bacterial build-up in your gums. To perform this surgery, the periodontist will lift your gums then put them in place after completing the procedure.

  • Veneers

This is another option you can go for to treat receding gums. Basically, this procedure is made right from various material comprising porcelain to restore your gum line and teeth appearance. In this case, white porcelain is primarily used, but the reddish or pink-colored ceramics or resins which match the patient’s gums may be used as well. However, this depends on what looks perfect to specific cases, and it covers tooth fully or partially.

Other treatments options

  • Composite restoration

In this treatment, your dentist will use the tooth-colored composite safe resins to typically cover the root surface. Plus, they can close black gaps right between the teeth.

  • Orthodontics

This treatment moves position of your teeth slowly over a period of time. And this reposition are claimed to correct your gum margin making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

  • Desensitizing varnishes, agents, and dentin bonding agents

This product focus on reducing the sensitivity of any exposed tooth root. The desensitizing agents are used to treat your nerve symptoms, thus preserving the oral hygiene via easing brushing of teeth sensitivity.

  • Composite or pink porcelain

This material can be directly applied to safely fill gaps where you have gum receding.

Prevention tips

Overall, the first approach when it comes to preventing the gum recession is preventing it at the first place. See dentist maybe twice, thrice, or more in a year. Follow the best oral hygiene instructions. Further, maintain a healthy diet. If you chew tobacco or smoke, stop today.

Top factors which can lead to receding gums

  • Your genes
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Insufficient dental care
  • Aggressive tooth brushing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Gum disease Trauma

Symptoms of receding gums

  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breath and taste in your mouth
  • Losing teeth
  • Uncomfortable or different bite
  • Pain in your mouth
  • Tender gums

Final thoughts

Gum problem is a serious issue for many individual. There are many procedures out there that may help prevent gum disease. To learn more on this research visit here.

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