McPherson Stadium, Hong Kong, Tuesday, May 31, 2022 — Following more than two years without live events, Market Hong Kong independent distributors, known as UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs), and their guests attended Market Hong Kong’s 2022 Annual Convention (#MHKAC2022) from Friday, May 27, through Sunday, May 29, at the McPherson Stadium in Hong Kong.

The event kicked off with the UnFranchise Business Presentation (UBP), hosted by National Supervising Coordinator and 8-year Market Hong Kong UFO Calvin Chiang, who provided a detailed understanding of the UnFranchise Business Model. The next two days were filled with inspiring and empowering presentations introducing a multitude of new products while also providing a variety of tools, technology and training to help equip UFOs with effective methods to build their own businesses as well as a supplemental income.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Market Hong Kong General Manager Celine Leung took the stage to welcome attendees to the 2022 Market Hong Kong Annual Convention –– the first in-person event after more than two years. As always, the big draw to attending #MHKAC2022 and all Market America events is to hear from Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM’s Founder, Chairman & CEO JR Ridinger and Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, who both joined the event virtually. Attendees gave the Ridingers a standing ovation while showing their love by holding signs that read “We love JR & Loren.”

“What we do at Market America as a company, and what my mission has been from the beginning, is remove all of the barriers and obstacles and provide a technology and system to make it realistic for the average person to succeed in building their own business,” said JR. “But you still have to do what the person who didn’t succeed did not do, which is show up. And by showing up at Market Hong Kong’s 2022 Annual Convention and 15th anniversary, you have just shown your commitment to yourself and to becoming a business owner.”

“Entrepreneurism is on the rise. That’s because you can now have a home-based business and eliminate the brick and mortar, the costs of a building or a facility and the need for employees by using the Market America UnFranchise Business Model combined with the SHOP.COM e-commerce business. We provide you with the technology and the digital arsenal you need to build your own business and attract your own customers, which can provide you with a supplemental income. This same home-based business is also very relevant today as more and more people choose not to go to stores. They would rather save time and money comparing what they want to purchase online. With an internet and e-commerce business, Market America’s UnFranchise Business Model is the relevant home-based business that the average individual can use to build their own business converting spending into earning.”


“We have to be very alert to the things that steal our time,” said Loren. “Why? Because time is our capital. Time is one thing that you don’t want people to steal. It’s important that you keep reaching and keep moving forward. Keep controlling your destiny and your time even if you’re at home. Be in charge of your time. Don’t spend major time on minor things, and don’t spend minor time on major things. Our business allows for anyone to leverage the playing field. It doesn’t matter the education or amount of money that you have in order to succeed. It’s how you decide to use your time.”

Next, Leung returned to the stage to walk through the many accomplishments that have taken place over the past 15 years at Market Hong Kong, including growing the number of exclusive products sold in Market Hong Kong from 49 to nearly 1,000 and increasing Market Hong’s Partner Stores from 100 to almost 2,000. While it is Market Hong Kong’s 15th anniversary, its parent company, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is also celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Another major highlight during #MHKAC2022 included the variety of new Market Hong Kong exclusive products introduced. Market Hong Kong UFOs and beauty lovers were mesmerized by the array of items from the Motives® cosmetics line, including the Motives Moments Pressed Pigment Palette with four metallic shimmer and soft matte luxe pigments perfect for use on both eyes and cheeks; Motives 3-in-1 Cream Tints, a triple treat of creamy pigments perfect for adding a touch of color to eyes, lips and cheeks; and Motives Sculpting Concealer –– a true multitasking, full-coverage concealer great for brightening the under-eye area, highlighting the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and t-zone and camouflaging the appearance of redness, dark spots or breakouts.

Market Hong Kong attendees were also thrilled to see the two newest products in the Lumière de Vie® women’s luxury skincare line. First up was Lumière de Vie Soothe & Renew Hydrogel Masque, which cools, refreshes and pampers the skin for ultimate relaxation. Delivering a concentrated surge of 5% niacinamide, the Hydrogel Masque will instantly transform dull, thirsty skin into a hydrated, energized and radiant complexion. This renewing masque also helps reduce the appearance of oily skin, blemishes and redness, making it the perfect addition to any skincare regimen. Revealed next was the soon-to-come Lumière de Vie Refine & Moisturize Lip Duo. This vanilla-flavored duo is formulated with luxurious sugar crystals to help buff away dead skin cells, replenish lip moisture and gently exfoliate and prep lips for makeup.

Even more stunning were the new Layered jewelry pieces introduced, including the Bowie Cuban link bracelet, Zane Cuban link chain, Emma faceted hoops, Stella pavé band ring and Gaia V-shaped baguette ring, along with several other dynamic pieces, to provide a multitude of ways to get layered. From day to night to weekend family fun and more, the options with Layered jewelry are as diverse as your own style and imagination.

As always, UFOs were fully attentive and taking notes when the new Market Hong Kong-exclusive health and wellness products were introduced at #MHKAC2022. These included Heart Health Blood & Vascular Support, which supports healthy arterial function as well as heart and circulatory system function while helping to maintain blood vessel health and normal blood flow; Neuro Focus, which supports mental clarity and performance, concentration and alertness; and, coming soon to Market Hong Kong, Daily Greens, a gluten- and soy-free tablet-form product that can contribute to a healthy diet and may also help support energy, digestion, detoxification and immune health.*

Market Hong Kong was also proud to introduce Ultimate Aloe Powder Trial-Sized Marketing Packs, another perfect way to leverage the connections UFOs have with their current and prospective customers. The UnFranchise Marketing App, developed exclusively for UFOs to build their businesses in the digital age, can be used as an engaging tech resource to send sample products, product information, video links and even professionally written messages to customers –– thus bridging the gap between online interaction and e-commerce.*

Among the speakers who joined #MHKAC2022 virtually, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific Kevin Buckman talked about business leadership and the difference between confidence and competence when introducing new people to the UnFranchise Business and letting them get started on their own.

“One of the biggest mistakes we can make is mistaking our confidence and our new business partner’s confidence with competence,” said Buckman. “What we end up doing is enrolling them in the business. We get them registered and, because of their enthusiasm, excitement and confidence, send them out without letting them know the rules of the road. What happens? They get creamed! They face a lot of questions that they don’t have the answers to, and they face a lot of rejections and immediately lose their enthusiasm and confidence in the business. That’s why when I have someone new, I immediately plug them into a 90-day UFO action plan because it tells them exactly what to do. This action plan, along with my help and support, helps them move past confidence and into competence in understanding how to build their UnFranchise Business.”

Among the many other speakers who took the stage were Market Hong Kong Corporate Speakers: Affiliates Development Senior Manager Marcus Chan, Sales & Event Manager Jacquelin Lam, Product Marketing Manager Emmy Yeung, Product Marketing Supervisor – Cosmetics & Personal Care Sidney Tai and Senior Product Marketing Officer – Health & Weight Management Rock Li. Field Leader Speakers included Executive Field Vice President Jim Lau, Executive Director Mei-Shan Peng, Executive Director Lisa Wun, Director William Chan, Director Steven Hu, Director Calvin Ip, Directors Alex Lam & Kawae Cheung, Directors YK Tam & Janice Lee, Director Mickie Wang, National Supervising Coordinator Lillian Chan, National Supervising Coordinator Calvin Chiang, National Supervising Coordinator Valerie Ip, National Supervising Coordinator Blair Lo, National Supervising Coordinator Lydia Wu, Supervising Coordinator Lily Wong, Professional Coordinator Sharon Lam, Professional Coordinator Ben Li, Professional Coordinator Meko Lun, Senior Master Coordinator Keri Chan, Senior Master Coordinator Mellissa Cheung, Master Coordinator Ida Chan, Master Coordinator Annie Ma, Master Coordinator Amy Ng, Master Coordinator Jason Shek, Master Coordinator Gordon Tsang, Master Coordinator Pinky Yau, Executive Coordinator Connie Ma, Executive Coordinator Sandy So, Executive Coordinator Syline Wong and Coordinator Mandy Lai.

“As Market America celebrates its 30th anniversary in August, it’s time to focus on the sequel and the next chapter, which is you becoming the star,” said JR. “We are getting ready to spend the next 30 years celebrating each of you. We have eliminated all of the barriers and provided you with the technology-proven business plan to follow. I hope you will decide to follow the Plan so I can see you at the top.”

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