Legal drafting software provider ClauseBase has announced the official launch of its new product ClauseBuddy.

ClauseBuddy allows users to create libraries of clauses and frequently used text fragments directly from within MS Word and MS Outlook. By sharing clauses and augmenting them with legal knowledge, legal teams can increase the quality of contracts, memos and legal briefs, while speeding up the drafting process. To facilitate international teams, clauses can be stored in 28+ languages.

The real kicker? ClauseBuddy offers much more features than any competing product yet is completely free for up to 3 users. The company made a very clear decision to launch its product under a freemium model, something that is rarely seen in the legal sector.

ClauseBase founder Maarten Truyens motivated the decision to deploy a freemium model as follows: “Legal Tech is promising but there are still too many entry barriers, including price. That’s why we offer a feature-rich product that you can start with for free, and expand over time. We are convinced that ClauseBuddy offers an easy solution for every legal team.”

The company has big plans for the continued development of ClauseBuddy. It is currently setting up numerous partnerships with legal content providers across the world to provide pre-created clause libraries directly available from within the tool.

ClauseBase’s first product, its eponymous full document automation tool, launched in 2018 and serves as the engine for the newcomer ClauseBuddy. Both products work seamlessly together, so that a first draft generated with the first tool can later on be changed with ClauseBuddy — even when the document was modified by a counterparty. Both tools are in constant communication and remember the choices made by the user (e.g.: preferred terminology, legal nuance, styling,…). Sophisticated clauses that can be tweaked by users to many different shapes can also be shared between the two products.