New York Motion Analytics 
CourtAlert released an update of its New York Motion Analytics tool – a site that allows you to drill into motion and decision statistics in New York Supreme, statewide.  This release comes just 2 months after the initial release adding additional valuable features. The analytics provided by the tool are used by attorneys to understand how judges generally decide on motion by case type and relief and the timings around those decisions.

Analytics Provided

New York Motion Analytics displays analytics on motions and provides decisions for a selected county, judge, relief and action type and selected date range. The results are broken down into six sections – displayed first for the selected Action Type (selected judge and county-wide), then for the selected Action Category (selected judge and county-wide) and finally for all Action Types (selected judge and county-wide).
The following analytics are provided

Decision and Motion Timing

The average number of days for the key stages of a decision: Initial Filing, Full Submission, Day to Oral Argument (if applicable), Days to Decision. The Days to Decision statistics was the focus in the initial release of Motion Analytics – it provides critical information helpful in setting client expectations on when a decision should be expected. This new release includes a breakdown the number of motions granted for Oral argument and the timing around those motions as well, providing even more insight into the motion handling.


The tool also generates the distribution of outcomes for the decisions across the six pie charts: For the selected judge vs county-wide averages, for the selected relief, and for selected action type vs all action types.  CourtAlert has compiled the outcomes for hundreds of thousands of decisions from NYSCEF using a propriety artificial intelligence model that extracts outcomes from the Decision / Order text. Building a BERT model to classify the decisions takes advantage of the latest in AI / Natural Language Processing tools to provide highly accurate outcomes for the published decisions.

Decision List

The tool also provides a detailed list of all the decisions that match the specified criteria. This decision list includes the outcome and all the statistics, along with hyperlinks to the CourtAlert’s case snapshot and the decision PDF so users can further filter and generate statistics of their own.


The new version continues to be available at no charge for all CourtAlert customers through January 2023.
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