Video marketing is considered the final frontier by many. If you have a good narrative, strong production quality, and show up consistently then you reap the rewards. Those rewards can be in the form of income or influence – whatever you want.

The challenge many people face is getting started with video. Previously, you needed an entire production team to handle the many facets of video production. Today, there’s a lot of free and inexpensive technology that makes it possible to get started with a shoestring budget.

The following list of tools will make it possible to grow a brand on the back of high-quality video without a large production budget.


Lightworks is a fully-fledged video editing software that offers a free tier that packs more features than many premium tools. It’s a desktop application that has a version for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with strong trimming features, multi-camera support, and it allows users to export videos up to 720p.

720P isn’t’ the highest resolution but it’s more than enough for social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and the like. If 4k is needed then users will have to upgrade to the paid version at $25/m.


Biteable takes a slightly different approach. Instead of relying solely on the video content generated via the efforts of its users, the platform provides hundreds of thousands of animations, images, and stock video clips.

Those can then be used to create stunning videos through a template system. If social media is the main avenue to promote or post the videos then Biteable is a perfect choice. It has prebuilt templates and video dimensions that can be used for quickly creating content.

After finishing, a user can export their video to the proper format and upload directly to the platform they’re targeting. It’s free to get started and most of the stock content is available. If a user wants to more stock content or they need to download videos without a watermark then they’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.


TubeMP4 is a simple tool that allows users to download any YouTube video by just placing the URL. How does this relate to creating high-quality videos? Many brands and creators incorporate the clips of other brands and creators into their own content under the umbrella of fair use.

That means they can create derivative works of something without taking away from the original work. They’ll use a tool like TubeMP4 to download that work, incorporate it into their own, and make something completely original. This is especially true for creators who primarily comment on the content of others.

There is a caveat here. Ensure the downloaded content isn’t being distributed to other places because then it may be copyright infringement.


Quik is slightly different. It’s not a web or desktop application. Instead, it’s been designed for mobile devices to allow users to edit their videos on the go. It was created by GoPro so its users would able to share their best moments with just a few minutes of editing.

The interface is intuitive, it’s possible to add effects, and it can be shared directly to social media. If the goal is to build a social media app then this is the perfect tool to get it done. It’s free and available on the major app stores such as Apple and Google Play.


The only reason to not create and share videos is if you don’t want to. Blaming technology for being too cheap or complicated is a losing battle because there are so many free options available today.

This article has shared many bit you can find dozens more if you put in a little effort. Once you get started, there’s no going back,