Japanese Cybersecurity Insurance Company to Leverage Continuous Digital Forensic Technology from Leading Taiwan Cybersecurity Firm

Taipei, Taiwan — 21 June 2022 — CyCraft Technology, the market-leading cybersecurity firm in Taiwan, announced today that they have partnered with Digital Data Solution Inc. (デジタルデータソリューション株式会社 or DDS), a Japanese security firm based in Tokyo with branches in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Already known for their data recovery and forensic services, DDS will now distribute CyCraft’s full range of continuous digital forensic cybersecurity products, including CyCraft’s new RiskINT Enterprise Exposure Service, allowing customers to gain insight into their risk and exposure on dark sites. This new, strategic partnership between DDS and CyCraft aims to not only bolster the defense of Japanese enterprises against sophisticated cyberattacks but also aid in reducing cyberattack response and remediation times.

CyCraft RiskINT Enterprise Exposure Service Workspace View

Founded in 1999, Digital Data Solution is an information security incident response firm with three main services: data recovery, forensic investigation, and information security solutions. Digital Data Solution is one of the leading investigative teams in Japan with the ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents, accurately analyze necessary information, and provide high-quality investigation reports. In addition, Digital Data Solution has been the No. 1 seller in Japan for 11 consecutive years for data recovery technology.

“Our partnership with CyCraft enables us to provide a broader range of investigation services for Japanese enterprises. The risk of business-altering cyberattacks is increasing every day, and Japan is no exception; therefore, by combining CyCraft’s rapid AI-driven investigation services with our investigation skills developed through high-volume incident response, we will provide faster and more effective cybersecurity investigations for organizations in Japan. We will continue to work with CyCraft to rapidly address emerging information security threats and provide higher quality services to enterprises.”

Seiji Kumagai, Digital Data Solution President and CEO

CyCraft automates information security protection via proprietary continuous digital forensic technology as well as global threat intelligence, automated incident response reports, threat intelligence gateway devices, compromise assessments, and award-winning detection and response services. The CyCraft AIR security platform is lightweight, highly flexible, and has a proven track record of not only significantly reducing losses caused by malicious cyberattacks but also reducing and alleviating everyday pain points of security analysts.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Digital Data Solution to provide Japanese enterprises with reliable automated investigations and enterprise security audits through CyCraft’s continuous digital forensic technology and services as well as our newly implemented RiskINT Enterprise Exposure Service. CyCraft is building an automated, continuous, out-of-the-box, Next Generation Incident Response as a Service to solve urgent pains in the current cyber insurance ecosystem. We are looking forward to leveraging our seasoned experience and energy to bring more security and confidence to Japanese enterprises.”

Benson Wu, PhD, CyCraft Co-Founder and CEO

About Digital Data Solution

Digital Data Solution solves data problems around the world. In only two years after the launch of our Data Recovery Service, DDS became the leading seller in the industry across Japan. They have since expanded their services to include the detection and prevention of cyberattacks, data leakage, data loss, data forgery, ransomware attacks, and more. DDS handles over 40,000 inquiries per year, including personal computers, mobile devices, IoT devices, enterprise networks, and data centers.

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About CyCraft

CyCraft secures government agencies, financial institutions, semiconductor manufacturing, police and defense organizations, Fortune Global 500 firms, airlines, telecommunications, SMEs, and more by being Fast / Accurate / Simple / Thorough.CyCraft automates information security protection with built-in advanced managed detection and response (MDR), global cyber threat intelligence (CTI), smart threat intelligence gateways (TIG), network detection and response (NDR), security operations center (SOC) operations software, auto-generated incident response (IR) reports, enterprise-wide Health Check (Compromise Assessment, CA), and Secure From Home services. CyCraft also collaborates with other cybersecurity organizations, including the International Forum of Incident Response & Security Teams (FIRST) and the Taiwan Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Modernize your cyber defense.

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Chad Duffy
VP of Strategy, CyCraft Technology
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