The engineering, procurement and construction management company specializing in energy and telecom leverages their growth through giving back,  launching a new program to train diverse workers 

ORLANDO, Fla., September 15th, 2022 – The DeSoto Group completed a year of record growth this year, generating more than $60 million in revenue, and tripling the size of its workforce.  

The company is the nation’s fastest growing minority, woman, and veteran-owned engineering, procurement, and construction management companies whose clients include The Southern Company, CenterPoint, Duke Energy and Entergy.

“For the past three years, we’ve been working to create a better solution, superior service, and innovative approaches in a space that desperately needs it,” Montgomery said. “For us, the key drivers to our success have been carving out a niche for our services, working extremely hard and continuously seeking out new partnerships with companies looking to expand beyond some of the legacy players to get fresh perspectives and more nimble delivery.”

What started out as a company based in Jacksonville, Fla., providing matting services for energy and telecommunication companies is rapidly growing, offering a wide variety of services to address the nation’s aging infrastructure and increasing consumer and commercial demand for electricity.  The company works with municipal, cooperative, and investor-owned utilities across the country in the design and construction of transmission lines. The DeSoto Group also offers distribution and substation engineering, project management, construction and storm restoration management.”

Added Montgomery, “We do everything from clearing trees, prepping land and building roads to installing and repairing transmission lines to building out public network telecommunications projects.” 

To address some of the labor shortages she has encountered, she launched the Montgomery Center for Excellence, to train individuals, particularly minorities, in the field. The low-cost and sometime free training trains individuals to get their commercial drivers’ license so they can drive trucks as well as offers other hands-on courses teaching them basic skills to become designers, line engineers and other jobs sorely needed in the business. 

“I wanted to create a pipeline of minority employees in the energy sector,” said Montgomery who comes from a family of masons. “We’re paying for them to go to school to get their CDLs (commercial driver’s licenses’) and learn how to do other important jobs. So, when it comes to making sure people of color have their fair shot at jobs in the energy sector, I want to make a difference.” 

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