Doug Pitassi of Pacific Office Automation continues to be a leading service provider in the office technology industry. The company is well known for providing a variety of managed IT and office services for businesses all over the country. Today, the company has more than 25 locations and over 1,000 employees. The organization has continued to benefit from the guidance and leadership of Pitassi, who has had a long and successful career with the firm.


Leadership Skills Throughout Early Years and Education

While he has continued to be a strong leader for Pacific Office Automation, Pitassi would not have been able to build the career that he has today without the skills he developed early in his life. Focused on helping others throughout his childhood and always focused on developing positive relationships. After high school, he attended Portland State University, where he graduated in 1985.

 Beginning Career at Pacific Office

Within a few years of graduating from college, Doug Pitassi found a great opportunity to start a career with the company he still works for today. In 1989, he joined Pacific Office Automation and worked in sales. He quickly became successful in sales as he was able to utilize his work ethic and interpersonal skills to help build the business. Eventually, he was promoted to the VP of Sales and began to take on a more leadership role with the company.

President of Pacific Office

After spending nearly two decades in sales and other leadership positions for Pacific Office Automation, the organization eventually promoted him to President of the entire organization in 2007. Since this time, he has continued to be a key leader of the organization and has helped to transform and grow the organization into what it is today. This includes forming relationships with top suppliers, introducing new services, and finding new reputable clients.

 Other Interests and Hobbies

While he continues to be dedicated to his profession, also has many interests and hobbies when he is not in the office. He continues to be an active member of his community and will always look for ways to give back to those that are around him.

 Similar to many other people in the Pacific Northwest, also likes to spend a lot of his time being outdoors and active. This includes spending time camping at some of the top local campsites in the area. He also loves music and spends time playing the drums as a way to relax and unwind.

As Pacific Office Automation continues to grow and evolve, it will continue to rely on guidance from its leadership team. Doug Pitassi continues to provide leadership and support for the company as they grow into one of the premier IT and office technology service providers in the country. His long history of success and dedication will continue to prove to be a helpful addition to the company.