Entrepreneur will offer wealth-building and tax-savings strategies to America’s family offices regarding real estate investment


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – MARCH 15, 2022 – Julio Gonzalez, CEO and founder of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), America’s leading tax specialty practice, has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the Van Keuren Family Office Real Estate (FORE) Institute, an organization that provides executive education to family offices and family office professionals concerning real estate investment.

“It’s such a great honor to be named to the Advisory Board of the FORE Institute,” Julio Gonzalez said. “It unites both of my life’s ruling passions—the power of real estate investing and the invaluable contribution that family offices bring to wealth preservation and growth. I’m excited to be sharing my tax expertise with the lessons I’ve learned from running my own family office that specializes in real estate investing, the Gonzalez Family Office.”

The FORE Institute was recently established by family office executive, industry expert, and author DJ Van Keuren, who has recruited top academics from Harvard, Wharton, and the University of Chicago and industry experts to teach classes in real estate investing for family offices, held at the University of Denver. Through the family offices they’re associated with, current Advisory Board members have direct ties to Best Buy, Panda Express, Paul Tudor Jones, Giorgio Perfume, James Cameron, and the Chicago Cubs.

“As a real estate tax expert, Julio is a key addition to our Advisory Board,” said DJ Van Keuren. “The average family office portfolio has a 22% allocation to real estate, and it represents the second-largest source of wealth creation, after the office’s primary and original source of wealth, derived from the founder. But by the second generation, most family offices lose 50 percent in value, and by the third generation, 90 percent of the wealth generated by the family office’s founder has vanished. We need to halt that loss, and that’s where Julio’s extensive knowledge of family offices and wealth management come into play.”

As a member of the Advisory Board, Julio will be contributing programming content and advise on the future direction of the Institute, as it pursues its mission of executive education in the world of high-net-worth family office real estate investment. As the founder and CEO of ETS, he pioneered the use of cost segregation and R&D tax credits to America’s small businesses, when these strategies had previously only been available to the ultra-wealthy. He also operates the Gonzalez Family Office, created to invest in the United States infrastructure while providing a platform for his charities.

About Engineered Tax Services
Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is the only licensed engineering firm providing specialty tax services to CPA firms and their clients. As advocates for America’s small and mid-sized businesses, ETS helps CPA firms add value to their client relationships by offering sophisticated strategies like cost segregation, the research and development tax credit, and other specialized tax credits and incentives, allowing them to retain more working capital and drive profitability.

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