Invaluable insights for experiential marketers: how to design a stand-out experiential marketing campaign in a destination venue, validate your budget, and assess campaign performance.

Full-service market research firm Portland Marketing Analytics (PortMA) shares expert insights into designing winning event sponsorship campaigns and measuring ROI through this Event Sponsorship Benchmarks Report.


Portland, ME, USA – Consumer brands across all industry sectors understand the attraction of events. But they are also aware of their cost and the perceived difficulty to measure return-on-investment (ROI). Market research experts PortMA have published their Event Sponsorship Benchmarks Report for Destination Venues to address those concerns.

Available to purchase online, the report includes detailed use cases. These use cases make it easy to apply the report’s insights to any business looking to run a successful experiential marketing campaign. The report’s conclusions are based on the evaluation of 1,947 sponsorship event days at destination venues.

Destination Venues, categorized as places where people go to spend their spare time and play, are excellent venues for brands to connect with consumers. Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA, says:

“Allowing customers to engage directly with a brand creates a connection that is hard to beat by other marketing channels. However, we understand that experiential marketing can be considered costly. This is why we want to give marketers the tools they need to demonstrate the value of events.”

The Event Sponsorship Benchmarks Report is based on a total of 94,066 post-sponsorship engagement interviews with consumers. PortMA’s findings are based on 4,427,791 consumer interactions at destination venues.

Events featured in the report include concerts, conventions, and festivals as well as sporting events and B2B trade shows across different industries. In total, these events attracted more than 90 million visitors. They were backed up by an event sponsorship marketing spend exceeding $23 million. Event staff distributed more than 2.5 million product samples.

The Event Sponsorship Benchmarks Report for Destination Venues guides marketers through a variety of use cases, clearly showing how to apply marketing strategies to their businesses.

The insights help create successful campaigns based on data and consistent evaluation. The benchmarks show marketers how to negotiate better sponsorship agreements with destination venues and assess proposals from third parties.

Most importantly, understanding the performance of dozens of experiential marketing campaigns helps marketers determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for their own events. With this solid foundation, evaluating a campaign’s ROI becomes straightforward.

The report contains a fully indexed PDF with the research findings and access to PortMA’s proprietary ROI model. Purchasers also receive data tables and a one-page, executive summary.

PortMA is a full-service market research firm that uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers, and leading brands.

For more information about the contents of the Event Benchmarks Report for Destination Venues from PortMA, please visit this link or contact the sales team directly at the information below.

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