A witty woman once quipped, “Give a lady the perfect lipstick, and she can rule the world.” The enchanting story of lipstick, specifically the sought-after liquid type, is as riveting as the appeal of a flawless pout itself.

Lipstick’s spicy tale takes off in the ancient world. Mesopotamian women, never ones to resist a dash of glamour, would pulverize treasured gems into powder and coat their lips with the vibrant residue. We’d wager they never suffered a dismal lip day. Their Egyptian peers, following the fashion-forward Cleopatra, had a less glitzy but more biting preference. Crushing beetles for their rich red dye? Evidently, beauty comes with its odd demands.

Jump to the 16th century, England’s Queen Elizabeth I turned heads with her bee wax-based lipstick that morphed her lips into a dazzling red statement. This was indeed a “lip revolution” in the truest sense, although, like a highly classified secret, the formula tragically died with the queen.

The 1930s signaled the advent of modern liquid lipstick. These original incarnations, with their paint-like consistency and Sahara-desert-level drying effect, were a tough sell, to say the least.

However, they made a surprising comeback! The 90s saw the second wave of liquid lipstick infatuation. Updated versions offered more hydration, more pigment, and less… desiccation. This trend stayed, morphing into the glossy, shiny lip lacquers that were all the rage in the early 2000s. Pops stars and their glossy pouts had the entire world transfixed, didn’t they?

In the last decade, liquid lipstick has secured its place in every makeup bag, featuring a spectrum of textures, finishes, and hues that could put a rainbow to shame. The cosmetic world has been besotted by the mattes, the velvets, the metallics. Iconic cosmetic lines have given us cult favorites, allowing us to perfect our pouts like never before.

So, here’s a toast to liquid lipstick – you’ve made quite the journey, dear friend. From crushed beetles and gems to beeswax and beyond, your path has been nothing short of fascinating. You’ve shown us that with the right shade, a scoop of self-assurance, and a touch of sass, we’re invincible. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a world to conquer, one liquid lip at a time.

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