The rise in web-based data has increased the necessity of streamlining secured data access and its management. DRM Technologies protects the interest of copyright holders and has become an essential tools for securing any digital content. The use of technological protection measures (TPM) and access control technologies have become highly inevitable in digital content due to rising threat from online hackers, which is further creating market growth for DRM market.

Global Digital Rights Management (DRM) Market size is expected to reach $4.35 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 15.12% during 2020-2025. Digital Right Management Market is likely to register a CAGR of 19.87% from media and entertainment application. With the availability of high speed internet and rising popularity of subscription based entertainment tools, the demand for digital right management software is likely to witness significant growth during forecast period.

For instance, music streaming revenues in the United States valued at approximately $7 billion in 2018, while subscription video-on-demand services were estimated at $11 billion. The revenue generated from video streaming and music streaming services together have witnessed a growth of more than 20% during 2016-2018. Hence, Digital Right Management being important tools for getting copyright protection for these digital content are likely to accelerate the market growth during forecast period.

The U.S. is the major country in this region to generate maximum revenue due to the growing requirement for digital rights solutions in the media and entertainment sector. In 2018, online video subscriptions in United States reached approximately $180 million, with a Y-o-Y growth of more than 15%. Netflix subscribers in United States have increased by more than 11% during 2017-2019. This has led to increased demand for Digital Rights Management solution in this region.

Digital Rights Management market top 10 companies include Kudelski, Intertrust Technologies Corporation, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Oracle Corporation, Apple, Microsoft Corporation, Locklizard , Vaultize Technologies,Verimatrix ,OpenText , Seclore Technology,Vera Security ,Vitrium Systems ,Dell EMC, Fasoo, Intralinks, Nextlabs. The Digital Rights Management market share held by of top 5 players were estimated approximately 34.52% in 2018. Acquisition, partnership, and Service differentiation are the key strategies adopted by most of the companies in this market.

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