Industrial PC is defined as a computing platform developed to work in extreme environments like high-temperature fluctuation, moisture, humidity, and heavy dust. These industrial PCs are just like desktop PCs that are utilized for storage, processing, and communications, and provide a flexible interface to the personal and commercial environment. In comparison to other PCs, industrial PCs are more efficient, reliable, costly, and consume less power, as well as have a long service life.

As compared to the standard PCs, industrial PCs are suppler since they support legacy applications, which require flawless work conditions for five or even ten or more years. It is due to the fact that components utilized to make industrial PCs are industrial-grade instead of commercial-grade.

There are several manufacturing enterprises across different sectors that are widely adopting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for their facilities to optimize their resources and reduce costs. This would allow them to link via a broad network of intelligent devices to add automation to their manufacturing plants and produce a huge amount of manufacturing data utilizing industrial PCs for data accumulation and process control. By using advanced industrial PCs, enterprises can get high productivity, better efficiency, and uptime.

Recent Strategies Deployed – Partnerships, Collaborations, Agreements

Sep-2021: Rockwell Automation entered into a partnership with Ansys, an American company based in Canonsburg. Through this partnership, the company aimed to expand digital twin connectivity into industrial control systems to allow the users to leverage the implementation, design, and performance of industrial operations.

Aug-2021: Advantech partnered with Lynx Software, a software company based in California. Through this partnership, the company aimed to offer numerous software companies mission-critical edge starter kit options to allow the conjunction of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology). In addition, Advantech hardware devices would work on Level 1 operational hierarchy for direct control and Level 2 supervisory control including MIC-770 modular industrial PC along with UNO-137 embedded automation computer.

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