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The implications for data processing, communications, digital commerce and security, and the internet as a whole cannot be overstated as quantum computing is poised to radically transform the ICT sector. In addition, quantum computing will disrupt entire industries ranging from government and defense to logistics and manufacturing. No industry vertical will be immune to the potential impact of quantum computing. Every industry must pay great attention to technology developments, implementation, integration, and market impacts. While classical (non-quantum) computers make the modern digital world possible, there are many tasks that cannot be solved using conventional computational methods. This is because of limitations in processing power. For example, fourth-generation computers cannot perform multiple computations at one time with one processor.

Quantum vs. Classical Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) refers to high-speed computation provided via a supercomputer or via parallel processing techniques such as leveraging clusters of computers to aggregate computing power. HPC is well-suited for applications that require high-performance data computation and analysis such as high-frequency trading, autonomous vehicles, genomics-based personalized medicine, computer-aided design, deep learning, and more.

While quantum computing does not utilize a faster clock-speed than classical computing, it is much faster than traditional computing infrastructure for solving certain problems as quantum computers can handle exponentially larger data sets. Accordingly, quantum computing is well-positioned to support certain industry verticals and solve specific problems such as cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies that rely upon prime factorings such as cryptology and blockchain-dependent solutions.

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