September 14, 2022 Good2bSocial is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Intent data company Bombora.

Intent data indicates a buyer’s interest in a topic or service and predicts what assistance they may need. Bombora’s Company Surge® data aligns marketing and business development teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of which businesses are actively researching the services they offer, and the intensity of that research.

“Law firms and legal service providers should become more effective at using this trail of digital evidence to target their marketing campaigns at prospects and clients that are actively seeking the services they provide,” said Guy Alvarez, CEO at Good2BSocial. “With this data, we can better serve our clients by helping them compete for business or expand their services with an existing client.”

Good2BSocial believes that Bombora’s ability to identify when a business has the intent to purchase legal services based on the increased intensity of content consumption, as measured against a historical baseline, fosters efficiencies that legal marketers can use effectively.

“Partnering with Good2BSocial, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the legal industry, is a major milestone,” said Charles Crnoevich, VP of Partnerships at Bombora. “They understand the increased relevance and corresponding sales and marketing performance that intent data brings and we’re excited to expand into this new sector with them.”

About Good2bSocial

Good2bSocial’s mission is to help lawyers understand and leverage the power of digital marketing, content, and social media, using unmatched experience and the latest technology and techniques to power measurable marketing and business development strategies. Good2bSocial offers a full suite of digital marketing services for law firms and companies in the legal industry, including social media management, high-impact content strategy and production, email marketing, PPC, SEO, and marketing automation.

About Bombora

Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy.

For more information, contact:
[email protected]

For more information, contact:
[email protected]

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