Gratitude Lodge addiction experts discuss how to prepare for your addiction treatment.

LONG BEACH, CA / Addiction treatment involves making major life changes. The addiction experts at Gratitude Lodge recently discussed how to prepare for your addiction treatment, so you can optimize your experience and achieve a life in recovery.

Numerous programs are offered to help treat addiction. These programs may involve residential treatment on a rehab center campus, outpatient treatment, or even telehealth treatment.

Seeking addiction treatment means altering your lifestyle entirely. For many, it means moving away from home into a treatment facility. For others, it means changing your daily or weekly schedule to accommodate treatment. Properly preparing for these life changes can benefit your overall treatment experience.

Questions to Ask When Preparing for Rehab

Choosing to seek addiction treatment comes with a lot of questions. Asking these questions before you arrive at the facility can help you become more prepared for the experience.

The following are several questions you’ll likely want to ask the rehab center professionals before committing:

– What does a typical day at your rehab center look like?

– How long is my treatment program?

– Are visitors allowed at your facility?

– What rules does your facility implement?

– What types of therapy will be offered?

Asking as many questions as possible will give you a better idea of what to expect upon arrival at the addiction treatment facility. Undergoing addiction treatment can be difficult, but clearing as many unknowns as possible before you arrive can help.

Several resources are available for learning more about common addiction treatment programs and methods. The National Institute on Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration are two highly trusted sources.

Common Fears When Preparing for Treatment

It’s common to fear the unknown, and many recovering individuals fear the treatment process, especially detoxification. Understanding common fears can help you combat them.

Many people entering recovery programs fear the side effects associated with withdrawal. However, a quality drug rehab center like Gratitude Lodge provides medically-supervised detoxification services to ensure a safe and effective withdrawal process. You’ll have medical and clinical professionals available 24/7.

Another major fear associated with treatment is the fear of the unknown. You don’t know what your future will hold in a life without substance abuse.

Experts suggest facing these fears through understanding that your life on the other side of addiction will be far superior to life in addiction. Quality drug rehab centers are staffed with certified counselors and medical professionals who can help you understand and overcome your fears throughout treatment.

Understand Why You’re Seeking Treatment

Understanding why you’re seeking addiction treatment can help you prepare and become more motivated for treatment. Your life has purpose far beyond substance abuse and discovering why you’re seeking addiction can help you find that purpose.

Uncovering your skills, talents, and what motivates you to get out of bed every day can help you become more focused on recovery. Identifying dreams and aspirations, and striving to achieve those dreams can help you make the most of your recovery process.

Many experts suggest making a vision board to identify why you’re seeking treatment. Placing this board somewhere visible in your home can remind you why you’re pursuing treatment when you lose motivation to attend therapy, meetings, and more.

Doubts are common in the treatment process, and understanding your “why” can help you combat those doubts to continue toward success.

Managing Treatment and Life

One of the hardest parts of addiction treatment for many individuals is balancing treatment and life obligations. People entering inpatient and outpatient rehab need to take care of financial, family, and work obligations before entering.

Children will need proper childcare and employers will need to know that you need to take time off work. Many outpatient treatment centers offer treatment sessions outside of normal working hours. However, inpatient treatment requires taking time off of work.

Asking for assistance from friends, family, and your employer can be intimidating. However, you’ll likely realize that everyone is in support of your recovery. Being open about your addiction and your treatment plan will help gain that support.

What to Bring to Rehab

Different drug rehab centers have different requirements for what you can bring with you. However, there are a few essential items you should have when you arrive.

These essential items include:

– List of contacts, including the guardians of your children, etc.

– Comfortable clothing

– Government-issued identification

– Your prescription medications (if applicable)

– Hygiene products and laundry supplies

Most residential treatment centers do not allow cell phones, tablets, and other devices that can connect to the internet. Books are encouraged as a form of entertainment, and photos of loved ones can provide motivation.

Speak with the drug rehab center you’ll be attending to understand which items are permitted and which are not.

Contact Gratitude Lodge

Gratitude Lodge is an esteemed drug rehab center with locations in Long Beach, California and Newport Beach, California. The addiction experts at this facility provide detoxification services and inpatient treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

You can learn more about this drug rehab center by logging onto the website or speaking with their addiction treatment professionals over the phone. They can provide the information you need to prepare for treatment and make the most of your experience while there.