Davis, CA, January 12, 2022—GreenVenus, LLC, a leader in improving the quality of food for consumers and creator of the world’s first non-browning romaine lettuce through gene editing, has confirmed they will advance five new lettuce varieties to the field trial phase in 2022 through the application of their precision breeding platform, Primavera. The complete lineup of varieties will include four romaine types and one Batavia type.

In 2020, GreenVenus successfully built open field and controlled environment partnerships to trial and launch their first commercial non-browning romaine variety. The variety consistently outperformed the market standards in terms of overall quality and yield and is attracting interest from the $10.7 billion bagged salad market, which led GreenVenus to prioritize its emerging lettuce business.

“We understand the significance of giving both growers and consumers a consistent superior quality lettuce year-round, so we acted quickly to expand our non-browning lettuce portfolio,” said Dr. Jeff Touchman, VP of R&D Operations, GreenVenus, LLC. “It’s remarkable to see new varieties advancing through our platform at such a fast pace, and we are eager to see them perform in the field.”

GreenVenus’ researchers and breeders are also setting their sights on new lettuce concepts they’re certain will have the potential to bring tremendous value to growers and consumers. “We have perfected our research pipeline such that we can bring exciting new non-browning lettuce types to market in as little as nine months,” said lead scientist Dr. Arianne Tremblay. While the advancements will bring value to both open field and controlled environment growers, GreenVenus foresees it as another game-changer for the open field segment where full-season planting of non-browning products is now possible.

Globally, lettuce food waste is a $3.3 billion problem. GreenVenus is committed to working closely with our partners in the value chain to measure the performance of our non-browning lettuce varieties, which will bring unique value to the marketplace and provide solutions to the challenges of feeding the world sustainably.

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