Generally, property management companies make it easier for owners to handle their property. They screen potential tenants, attend to maintenance issues, resolve disputes, take care of legal issues, and handle the fixing and collection of rent. Rent is one of the greatest concerns of property owners, and that’s why we’ve decided to tell you all you need to know about how property management companies in Baltimore handle rent. 

Methods Of Collecting Rent From Tenants

Since property management companies are in charge of collecting rent, they have many methods of doing so. Property owners can decide which method works best for them and arrange it with the management company.

Here are the different methods property management companies utilize in collecting rent:

– Mail

If you stay far away from your property, this is one of the best ways to get your rent. The good old way involves getting your checks in the mail. 

Many property owners prefer getting rent by mail because it is so uncomplicated. There is nothing like hidden charges or funny surprises, and you know exactly how much you’re expecting.

– Online

This is the most common method of payment used in recent times. There is no limit to the extent of technological advancements, and the aspect of finance isn’t left behind.

With tenants paying on the websites of property management companies, your rent can also be sent to you online. Whichever online payment medium the company offers, you can be sure to get your rent swiftly and seamlessly.

– Physical Collection 

If you happen to stay around the property management company, you can decide to get your check physically. It is just as easy as the other methods, as long as you’re close.

However, this may not be feasible if you have several properties and want discretion. 

How Property Management Companies Set Rent Rates

Property management companies have firsthand information regarding rent trends in an area. They know when rent is supposed to increase or decrease. They survey the rent rates across the region and set a rate that will be competitive. This is to ensure that potential tenants are drawn to the property.

Property management companies occasionally compare rent rates with other properties in the area to ensure that their fixed price isn’t too low or too high.

Rent Policies Used By Property Managers

One of the main reasons why people work with property management companies is to alleviate the troubles of asking tenants for rent. You may cave into a tenant’s sorry tales when collecting rent personally. But with property management companies, certain policies are put in place to ensure prompt rent collection.

Maryland management companies stimulate payment of rent by setting up non-negotiable policies. Commonly, they set up late payment fees after a default of about five days. They also give reminders to tenants days before their rents is due.


Generally, property management companies make the best rent policies that suit your property in Baltimore. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take the stress of managing your property off your chest.