Using single-colored slime is great fun for kids. Parents and teachers all over the world use the gooey substance as an effective play thing, as well as a powerful teaching aid. And, while slime of one color is great, think about that power multiplied manifold! That’s the power that rainbow slime offers. And if a single color inspires your child to build things and create “stuff”, think of the creativity a rainbow of colors can inspire.

Safe Ingredients that Inspire

If you are planning on surprising your kids with cool multicolored hand-crafted slime, then you should exercise great care when choosing your ingredients. Sure, online DIY slime recipes are easy to find, but your kids may have unique allergies to some of the ingredients in those products. For example, some food colors might contain certain types of oils that may send your child into a rash or itchy spell.




A better (and safer) alternative to getting rainbow-colored slime, is to buy it online. However, if you still wish to DIY, just make sure you exercise extreme diligence when pouring and mixing. Typically, the products required to make slime for kids include:

– Clear glue (the kind you use for arts and crafts)

– Baking soda (the type used in many cooking recipes)

– Contact lens solution

– Food coloring

Depending on how “gooey” and “oozy” you wish your rainbow to be, you may also need to use some water. That’s it! You’re all set to create a masterpiece of multicolored slime. 

You now pour the ingredients into a bowl, making separate batches for each colored slime. This ensures you assemble all the slime as individual finished products first, before using them together for rainbow-colored creations. Make sure you use separate containers for each batch. Or, if you are using the same container, wash and rinse the container after you produce each color of the rainbow – otherwise you may end up with “color contamination”. 

A Note About Slime Science

While playing with rainbow slime can be fun and exciting for your kids, it’s important to understand some “pitfalls” of using multicolored slime. The science of slime is simple: It takes a chemical reaction between several products to create a polymer – like rubber bands and Jell-O.  And there lies the downside of mixing and mingling multicolored polymers.

Slime, made from different colored polymers, is great for awesome, mind-blowing craft projects with your kids. Now, instead of building a drab, single-colored house, or horse, you can use rainbow-colored slime for kids to produce exotic castles and striped unicorns containing different colored slime. So…what’s the problem?  

Well, sometimes, when you mix different colored slime together, the colors tend to merge. Often, a dominant color takes over, and the lighter shades might “fade”.  For example, dark blue (food coloring) might seep into white, causing you to lose your pristine white slime forever.

Still, unlike the home-made variety, if you source your rainbow slime from a reputable supplier online, you’ll have many uses of the product with your kids, before you even start to see individual slime meld together. That’s because they use high-quality ingredients whose colors don’t typically fade or run-off.