Schools are a haven of childhood friendships, memories and academic lessons – but they can be a haven for bacteria and viruses too. Read on to see how a HOCl water generator can help!

What Are The Hygiene Needs of a School?

A school can be home to hundreds, even thousands, of students per day. Aside from the threat of viruses spreading through close contact between students alone, there are many other potentially hazardous areas to consider: desk-tops, common-use books, bathrooms, water fountains, lockers and much more. A non-toxic, 100% safe and natural solution to other bleach or alcohol-based cleaning supplies, a HOCl solution generator could be the answer to our schools’ hygiene needs.

What Is a HOCl Water Generator?

A HOCl water generator creates, maintains and can disperse hypochlorous acid (also known as HOCl). HOCl is electrolyzed, oxidized water, and can be over 100 times more effective than chlorine bleach at attacking and eradicating bacteria and viruses. The solution kills pathogens by damaging its cell walls, or can even enter the pathogen itself and deactivate it.

How Can It Be Used?

Given how safe a HOCl solution generator and the acid it creates, it can be used in a myriad of ways! It can be applied directly to any surface via mop, spray bottle or sponge, without risking damage to the surface in question. Hypochlorous acid can also be dispensed via ‘foggers’ – in other words, it can be dispersed as a fog throughout the air. Whereas this would be dangerous to attempt with other chemical, bleach or alcohol-based cleansers, HOCl is completely safe to be ingested or interacted with, without the need for any safety equipment or precautions.

What About School Canteens?

A HOCl water generator can also be used liberally within school canteens and kitchens, without fear of food contamination. The generator can use its hypochlorous acid to neutralize and deactivate any number of food pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella, without putting the users of the canteen at the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals. A school has no end to its need of cleaning supplies and disinfectants, and this in itself can pose potential harm to both students and employees due to the nature of transporting the concentrated chemicals of traditional disinfectants and cleansers. Given that a HOCl solution generator needs only water, salt and electricity, it can safely generate high amounts of hypochlorous acid on-site, with no threat of student or employee injury. Technologies have advanced to the point where a standard HOCl water generator is feasible for commercial and institutional use not only due to its pH stabilizing ability (a steady pH of 3 to 6 is vital to ensure the correct concentration of hypochlorous acid), but from an economic standpoint too. When it comes to HOCl and its generators, the possibilities are endless!