One of the more compelling aspects of motorcycle ownership is the ability to customize a bike to suit your personality. Beginners often do this by taking out a larger motorcycle loan and asking the dealership to add the extras. More seasoned bikers do the modifications themselves because they’ve ridden long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Here are some tips on what you can do to customize your motorcycle and make it unique.

1.Paint the bike your favorite color

Bright green cars are an eyesore. Metallic green motorcycles turn heads for an entirely different reason. Don’t be afraid to sport your favorite color on your bike. You can paint the whole vehicle one color, use the color as a base for a cool design, or simply add some stripes and edging to express your personality. There’s even paint for your chrome to bring it back to life.

2.Switch to better tires

Factory tires are generally junk. This is an area where you don’t want to skimp on spending. Find some heavy-duty or racing tires that are high-end and will last a while. If you can, test drive your friends’ bikes if they have different tires on them. This is like buying new shoes. You’ll want to make sure your tires are comfortable and easy to maneuver in.

3.Try out new motorcycle seats

The seat on a new motorcycle bought at the dealership might seem like the most comfortable option available. Ride for a few hundred miles and see if you still feel that way. Seats are one of those customization options you can easily take care of yourself. You don’t need a mechanic or motorcycle expert to replace them. Find one that suits you and swap out the old one.

4.Add heated grips for cold weather

No one will see them, but you’ll certainly feel the difference when the weather cools down. Add some heated grips to prolong your riding season. While you’re at it, go back to the last tip and search for a heated seat. The back of a bike can be frigid when the temperatures start to drop. Your comfort should be a priority if you’re customizing.

5.Tank pads and highway pegs

Don’t let the Hollywood depiction of “real bikers” fool you. Even the toughest one-percenter doesn’t mind having a tank pad for comfort. As for highway pegs, don’t try to make any interstate trips without them. They ease the strain on your neck and back while functioning as a deterrent from hitting that rear brake while you’re on the highway.

6.Windshields and turn signals

The factory windshield is probably not a permanent fixture for you. Neither are the factory turn signals. Both have been added to the bike for functional purposes but not necessarily to enhance performance. Replacing both could reduce wind shear and give you a smoother ride. Ask some of your experienced friends about this, or talk to the folks at the parts store.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner, consider adding frame sliders and an engine guard. These are safety features that protect the bike in the event of a fall. They might even keep you from hitting the pavement. Safety features count as customization that helps protect you and your bike. Don’t let pride stop you from adding them, no matter what others have to say about it.


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