For girls who own big, fat calves, they must have a headache looking for the fastest, most effective and easiest calf reduction exercises, let’s explore now. However, you need to learn and choose calf reduction exercises that best suit your body condition, they are also methods of stretching your legs . Elipsport Sports Group will reveal to you right in this article. If you really want to have a slim body with small pretty legs, you cannot ignore the article. See the treadmill models now at: May Chay Bo.

1. Why is calf reduction exercises essential?

You know, girls love to wear skirts or short shorts to show off their long, long legs, especially in the summer. But that style is only suitable and helps the wearer to be confident when it is the girl with compact calves and fits the body.

As for the female friends with quite large legs, there will definitely be some jealousy and self-esteem. If you are one of these, don’t worry too much. Just having a healthy diet with calf reduction exercises , nothing can not be beautiful at all.

If you persistently train every day at a different time frame, after only a short time, you will quickly have slim legs as desired.

2. The yoke to train the calves to be smaller

2.1. Skipping

One of the most effective small calf exercises that are very easy to do is jump rope. Surely most of us know this exercise because it is a popular folk game circulating in our country. You can use jump rope as one of the daily calf reduction exercises you do.

The practice is very simple. You just need to buy yourself a jump rope device that is easy to buy at grocery stores. Every day you do it for about 30 minutes to get the best results.

2.2. Side Skater exercises

This is a small calf exercise that many women love because it has the ability to squeeze calves with quite a large weight. This exercise is very similar to when you slide Patin.


Step 1: You start in a Squat position, lowering your body slightly to increase efficiency.

Step 2: You move to the left, then lower your body to your left leg, your right leg lifted and lowered back. At the same time, the left hand falls to the floor.

Step 3: Return to the starting position and repeat 10-30 similar ones with a frequency of 3 sets in each training session.

The calf mini-exercises , including the Side Skater, are sure to help you quickly regain the petite, firm thighs of your thighs.

2.3. Lunge exercises

One of the calf exercises that are also quite popular, simple and easy to perform is the Lunge-Lunge exercise. You do not need to use any sports aids to achieve the fastest results with small legs.


Step 1: You stand upright, your hands on your hips.

Step 2: Left leg brought to the front wide, slowly lower the body. Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds.

Step 3: Return to the original position and continue with the other side. Note, you must not tiptoe back during this calf reduction exercise .

Step 4: Do 15-30 repetitions depending on your condition. Especially when doing this calf reduction exercise , you should do it 5 times a day to get the best results.

With the calf reduction exercises that we mentioned above, you must have chosen for yourself the most suitable calf reduction exercises . In order to have a well-proportioned body with a small calf that fits your posture, a healthy diet is definitely indispensable in addition to practicing calf reduction exercises.

You should supplement yourself with vitamins, minerals, fiber, eat less carbohydrates, red meat, and eat more vegetables and fruits with less sugar. More specifically, going to bed early and getting enough sleep, avoiding work stress, minimizing stimulant intake in his body. See more massage chair samples to help you relax: Ghe Massage.

Also, make sure you have that routine, don’t work too late, take some time every day to relax and let yourself relax. That way, you can achieve your goal of slim and slim body.

Above, Elipsport Sports Group has revealed you the calf reduction exercises in this article. Hope you have more knowledge and experience to choose the most suitable and effective calf training . If you combine these with sports equipment, what better. It will help the process of reaching your fitness goals many times faster.