Gig workers looking to make extra money, have you considered food delivery? Food delivery work requires a low upfront investment and can be a good way to meet your financial goals! The best delivery app to work for pays per order and lets you keep 100% of your tips.

Plus, you can do more to maximize your hourly pay as a delivery partner. Here are a few strategies to try:

Schedule your shifts

Some food delivery apps allow you to accept orders anytime with no scheduling needed, and this can be beneficial when you find yourself with some free time on your hands. However, for the most part, scheduling your shifts can help you make more money by securing time on the road. Scheduling lets you choose time slots that you feel will be most profitable. You’ll get to experiment with different time slots to find which offers the best pay potential. You may find that the dinner rush pays more than the lunchtime deliveries.

Alternatively, you may find more earning and tipping opportunities past midnight when there aren’t many other delivery partners on shift. Consider tracking your earnings in an app or spreadsheet to better understand what works for you.

Being prepared

Giving customers a positive experience is important and could lead to higher tips. Consider adding a few extra steps to your delivery routine to make sure you’re always prepared for the unexpected, such as:

  • Always have a good insulated bag to help keep food at the optimal temperature.
  • If the restaurant offers complimentary condiments (sauces, salsas, mustard), add a few extra packets to the order.
  • Include napkins and disposable utensils unless the customer has specifically refused them.
  • Use a drink carrier to ensure no accidental spills.
  • Once the food is ready, call the customer and confirm the order (especially for long, complex orders with customizations).
  • Separate hot and cold items if possible.
  • Double-check for leaks or loose lids on containers.
  • Share an update with the customer if you’re delayed or know the delivery will take a while.

Get smart about order acceptance

Delivery partners can see the total pay for an order before they accept it. They can also identify the locations of both the restaurant and the delivery destination. It’s important for delivery drivers to be strategic about their orders to maximize hourly pay. Consider these approaches:

  • Small, short-distance orders: Many delivery partners may think small orders don’t pay well. But small orders are usually easier and faster for restaurants to prepare. Pairing this short prep time with a short delivery time may allow you to deliver more orders per hour and make more money.
  • Combine deliveries when you can: Consider accepting deliveries that have multiple orders to get more out of each trip. These “bundled” orders may be picking up several orders from one restaurant, or orders from restaurants close to one another, and delivering them to each customer. Use a route planner to optimize your delivery time and help save on gas.

Look out for special bonuses, missions, and offers

Your delivery app may offer special opportunities to earn more. Look out for bonuses, challenges or missions, sweepstakes and more. You’ll usually have to opt into these offers, so check the app regularly to stay notified. Usually, delivery partners may be asked to complete a certain number of deliveries within a limited time to receive a bonus payout. Participating in these challenges successfully may mean you don’t get to skip orders, so be mindful of that.

While delivering food is a great way to earn extra cash, you’ll need to do some homework to maximize your hourly earnings. It’s a good idea to experiment with work schedules, track how much you earn per shift, and take advantage of bonus missions to make the most of your delivery job.

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