A mattress can wear down over time. Either the springs lose their power or you just outgrew the mattress and need to get a new one. While buying another mattress is not too difficult, the issue can come in regarding what you do with the old one. It is big and bulky and it can take up space. We have some ideas on how you can remove it.

Idea 1: Mattress Removal Companies

Several junk removal companies can also do mattress removal such as Junk King. They can come to your house with their truck and their employees can load up your old mattress for a cost. Some companies would only give you the cost after they see the mattress but others, like Junk King, can give you the price upfront making budgeting easier to do. This would be the easiest and quickest option since they come straight to your doorstep and get the old out-of-the-way so that you have space for the new. Some junk removal companies can also take your bed frame (for an additional fee) if you brought a new bed to suit your new mattress.

Another thing that junk removal companies can do is that they can recycle your mattress. They would be able to take it apart for the springs, and the other material that make up the mattress. Plus, if you also give them your bed frame they would be able to take it apart to use it as something else. And using a junk removal company you know that they will dispose of the mattress in a safe and eco-friendly way. There can be chemicals in the mattress that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, using a company that knows what to do is beneficial to get the job done while helping out the environment.

Idea 2: Dumpster

Another option you can use is to rent out a dumpster. This is a large container near your property that you can offload not only your old mattress but other waste items as well. As long as these items are not hazardous or prohibited materials. You can choose the size to suit your needs and keep it as long as you need it.  Plus, you can use it more than once until it is full. However, the downside is that some areas do not allow mattresses to be put into a dumpster while other areas may have a processing fee. And would it be worth the cost to get rid of one mattress? This is something to consider.

Idea 3: Donate

If the mattress is in a good condition it could be donated to a shelter or even be sold as a second-hand item. The latter would have to be done by yourself but the former could also be done by hiring a company to remove your old mattress to where it should go.

Idea 4: DIY

You can also opt to remove the mattress yourself but this may take longer than you think it would unless you have a truck that the mattress can fit on. Another thing to consider, which is very important, is where the old mattress has to go. It cannot go to a typical dumpsite since it has chemicals in it. Therefore, you would have to research if you really want to DIY it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mattress removal the best idea would be the first one. Hiring a junk/mattress removal company would save you time, effort, and money. And you would be doing the environment a favor with no stress to yourself.