ROOK Connect’s award-winning software platform, known for its ability to automate and maximize operational efficiencies for businesses, is taking supply chain management to a whole new level. Founded as a business management tool and designed to help businesses streamline operations, ROOK Connect is rethinking and empowering businesses like never before, offering an integrated Business Intelligence platform. This new addition is taking automation one step further by adding an all-new predictive analysis and learned intelligence patterning application. The goal of this addition is for ROOK Connect software to learn from the businesses using the system, and in real-time provide instant feedback, notifications and recommendations that help businesses gain further insight into how they’re operating today and what they can be doing better in the future. In addition to its big data managing capabilities, proprietary reporting infrastructure and real-time information processing, ROOK Connect Software is no longer just supporting efficiencies; it’s teaching and alerting customers in real-time of where and how they can improve. This application is more than just a visibility tool that provides real-time tracking; it’s a business window to maximize returns, singling out where financial waste is occurring and supporting teams, businesses and the management of third parties in their efforts to increase everyone’s returns. Dedicated to supporting businesses in their endeavor to operate leaner, faster and smarter, ROOK Connect business intelligence and adaptive learning applications give businesses the pulse they need on the day-to-day operations and the big picture knowledge needed to improve.

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ROOK Connect’s innovative business automation software, powered by our all-new predictive analysis and business intelligence application, assures businesses a whole new level of visibility, analytics and profitability.

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