In the VPN industry, Hong Kong VPN is one of the most reliable and dependable ones and are used by scores of users worldwide. They are crammed with all the basic and advanced features which makes it a powerful tool for companies and individual users around the world. That said, before you install it for yourself, you should know everything about it and how it is different from other kinds of services available these days.  The following are some of the most interesting facts you will certainly be thrilled in knowing about Hong Kong VPN. Read to learn more about these amusing facts.

Hong Kong VPN keeps your data to themselves

There happens to be some misconception in certain circles that Hong Kong VPN (as well as some other reliable vpn providers) retain logs of clients for the purpose of delivering them to the government authorities. It is important that you know that this is utterly and completely untrue! The data is actually used to determine probable problems in your network or enhance their array of services that they are offering to all their users around the world. However, there are particular where governments may demand Hong Kong VPN to pass over these logs.

Hong Kong VPN is like a firewall except that it is not traceable

While firewalls acts in the capacity of sifter that check packets of data going out and in of a computer or network (and also safeguard you against viruses), Hong Kong VPNs are a bit different. Hong Kong VPNs make use of tunnel encryption to secure all of your information moving between servers and make it more challenging for things such as viruses to reach your computer or network. Both of these important features safeguard different things and are equally critical. Firewalls safeguard networks via sifting and Hong Kong VPNs safeguard networks by being untraceable. Like a Wide Area Network, Hong Kong VPNs alter our geolocation and Internet Protocol addresses providing you with safe access to any site.

Hong Kong VPNs allow you access to blocked materials

This is another interesting fact about this vpn and also a great benefit that users all over like very much! While you browse online, there are certain times when particular ISPs block users from accessing sites. In fact, governments, ISPs, or even sites will sometimes block content contingent on where you are based at. You should know that not only Hong Kong VPN services avoid similar restrictions and give complete access to the content, but they also allow you to download that content in an effortless manner from the internet.

Hong Kong VPN can at times give you quicker internet speed

Yes, that is true. There are certain scenarios where you can actually enjoy quicker internet speed with the use of Hong Kong VPN. All around the world, ISPs actively throttle web traffic of people which leads to slower-than-advertised net speeds. This is rather prevalent with higher bandwidth activities such as streaming High Definition videos. The usage of highly encrypted Hong Kong VPNs prevent any ISP from throttling certain websites. It does not allow the ISP separate out your traffic into low speed and high speed tunnels forcing them to route all web traffic in a legal manner as promised by the advertised speed of connection.

Bottom Line

These are some of the top facts about Hong Kong VPN like ExpressVPN Hong Kong that tend to fascinate a lot of people around the world. We are sure that at this point in the article you might be interested to learn more. You can find out more information about Hong Kong VPN on their official site and it is strongly recommended that you install this VPN to enjoy its many benefits. The ExpressVPN Hong Kong also comes with a fully month back guarantee and has all the features you can ask for to meet your VPN needs very easily.