New Family Triage Solution Helps Ensure Speed to Resolution, Delivery of Services and Improved Access

MELBOURNE, Australia and WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.– June 1, 2023Immediation, a fully configurable, online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, today announced that The Johnson County District Court in Olathe, Kansas has partnered with Immediation on implementation of a new Family Triage Solution to increase the speed to resolution for family court cases. Immediation’s configured solution lowers barriers for those with cases that can be handled quickly and simply while directing services to those families with more critical needs where court services can be most beneficial. It is the first court in the United States to adopt this type of purpose-built technology solution.

The Johnson County District Court operates a three-track case management system based on criteria created in coordination with local attorneys, mental health professionals, and other court providers:

  • Expedited: cases that can be resolved swiftly and with minimal intervention
  • Specialized: cases needing some, but not intensive, intervention
  • Judicial: cases likely to require close court scrutiny and intervention

After parties complete a digital questionnaire that ensures anonymity, the Family Triage Solution creates a matter based on the responses, assigns the matter to an initial case management tier and generates a record of the case number and designated track.  Finally the new solution sends a notice of completion to the courts. As a result, the court is equipped to better understand case needs earlier allowing staff to better plan for scheduling and hearings, targeted education programs, and timely service referrals.

The court can also run reports at any time for any time period, and view all cases and their designated tracks.

The Family Triage Solution was custom-configured for Johnson County District Court and deployed by Immediation in just 30 days, going live on Monday, April 24. In the first month, 150 cases were automatically classified through the platform, helping ensure the court staff’s time was spent providing the services the families need most.

“We were able to draw on our 5-year track record serving Family Courts in Australia and New Zealand as we collaborated with the Court on the best solution and, because the Immediation platform offers more than 40 components that can be combined in almost any configuration, we were able to deliver exactly what was needed in record time,” said Nick Foster, Chief Product Officer at Immediation. “The Johnson County District Court should serve as a model for others looking to leverage technology to better serve constituents while simultaneously reducing the case backlogs that have been building since the pandemic.”

Future plans call for closer integration between the Immediation platform and the court’s case management system, showcasing the strength and flexibility of Immediation’s open API.

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