It’s the okey-dokey time! Do you want to have a party for your kids? What about a Halloween costume-themed party? Your kids will love that! Meanwhile, you should make room for some creative activity, and slime time is a good bet. Why not try out the recipe for making a slime monster. This is an engaging activity, and guess what! It doesn’t even have to be Halloween to make monster slime. You can try it out anytime!

To make Blob and Ooze is pretty easy! You’ll just need to follow a few steps and grab some household supplies. If you can follow these instructions carefully, you’ll have a spooktacular moment with your kids. Here’s all you need to know about making a slime monster

Supplies you’ll need: 

– Washable school clear glue 

– A cup of water 

– Baking soda 

– Glitters 

– Three small bowls or containers (for mixing)

– Mixing spatula 

– Food coloring (three preferred colors)

– Fragrance oil (optional) 

– Google eyes 

– Saline solution 

Steps to follow

Here’s how to make 3 cups of gooey slime in straightforward steps: 

Step one: Get your ingredients ready! 

Making the best kid slime starts with getting the right supplies. Once you’ve gotten all you need and followed the instructions meticulously, your slime should come out perfectly well, So grab those ingredients and don’t leave anyone out! 

Step two: Add the clear glue into the bowls

Once you have your supplies ready, you should get to work. Start by grabbing the three mixing bowls, then add the clear glue into each (about one-third of the bowl). 

Step three: Add your liquid solution (preferable water) 

After adding the clear glue, add half a cup of water into each of the separate bowls. Ensure you watch the texture to ensure it doesn’t get too watery. Then, stir each glue mixture using the mixing utensil. 

Step four: Add the glitters and food coloring 

Add your glitters sufficiently into each separate glue mixture. Stir gently and add the food coloring (each different color to each bowl). 

Step five: Mix! Mix! Mix!

Stir and stir until all the ingredients you’ve added are well incorporated. While mixing, you should notice that the combination gets thicker, stickier, and harder to stir. There you have your slime forming! 

Step six: Prepare your slime activator. 

The slime activator is a mixture of baking soda and saline solution—Mix ½ cup of each to get your slime activator. 

Step seven: Add the slime solution into the glue mixture 

Pour your slime activator into the bowls of the glue mixture and stir. This will make the slime thicker and gooey. 

Step eight: Add the Google eyes 

What’s a slime monster without Google eyes? Just a regular kid slime! So don’t forget them and add them generously into each bowl. 

Step nine: Kneading! 

By now, your slime should be hard already. Take each out and knead with both hands until you achieve consistency in thickness throughout the slime. 

Step ten: Shape your gooey monster! 

There you have it! Your monster slime is ready! Shape and swirl into spooky designs as desired! 

I hope you have a fun time trying this recipe out! Happy Sliming!