ConWize enables to receive quotes from subcontractors quickly, estimate bills of quantity costs easily, and avoid mistakes that could affect profitability.

When finishing works contractors approach tender bidding, they face a unique challenge. While the budgets for finishing works projects are usually lower than those of residential towers or offices built from scratch, the number of subcontractors and suppliers involved in finishing works projects is very large and the project timelines are usually extremely short.

Contractors who submit proposals to developers for the construction of towers have several months available to prepare a quote, however, in the finishing works projects the schedule is usually tight and bids must be submitted within a few weeks and sometimes even a few days. This is especially challenging because the bills of quantity are usually very detailed and the finishing works contractor has to approach a large number of suppliers and contractors in order to be able to submit a quote for the tender.

Distributing the tenders and receiving bids from each supplier and subcontractor takes time, after which the finishing works contractor has to analyze and compare all the bids, and then decide how to price its bid for the project. Because the schedule is tight, and to be able to submit the bid on time, the finishing works contractor must act fast and efficiently in the tender phase.
The ConWize digital tender system enables the performance of cost estimates of finishing works’ projects accurately and quickly. In the tender system, you can easily divide the bill of quantities by work type and invite only the relevant subcontractors for each work type making it possible to distribute the entire tender within a few hours and significantly shorten the tender preparation process. Digital distribution is easy, convenient, and fast. It allows you to respond to multiple tenders simultaneously and avoid mistakes and missing out on the bill of quantity lines.

conwize system process

All tender distribution data remains documented in the system, including the tender documents, data viewing the log, and RFI correspondence. At any given moment the finishing works contractor can see the current status of the bids and has full control over the process. The contractors and suppliers who have been invited to participate in the tender can view the details of the tender and even send their bids through the system.

In the ConWize system, additional tools are available to the finishing works contractor to perform analysis and comparison of quotations, using the most advanced and innovative methods that exist today in the construction industry. Once a decision has been made regarding the leading subcontractor’s quote it is transferred to the bill of quantity estimate at the click of a button.

The self-estimate tools in the system make it possible to perform cost estimates efficiently and accurately and analyze the data from different angles to ensure that everything is estimated as required. The system also allows you to manage and plan the overheads in the project, and to add the overhead costs and profit to the direct costs in order to calculate the price for the customer.

In addition, after completing the project pricing and before submitting the bid, the system provides the company with tools for advanced analytics to intelligently examine the bid and decide whether it is good and logical, and make sure there are no mistakes to maximize the chance of winning the tender.

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