Lindsay Hofford Discusses How Sports Can Transform the Lives of Kids

Lindsay Hofford has more than 30 years of professional hockey and business experience under his belt. He has helped thousands of hockey players of all ages develop their skills and even reach championship levels. Hofford recently discussed the positive effects sports can have on the lives of children.

“So much pressure is put on academics when kids are in school,” Lindsay Hofford said. “Once people understand the physical and mental benefits of playing sports, they’ll put nearly as much emphasis on this.”


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Mental Benefits of Youth Sports

Youth sports provide countless mental benefits that stay with kids throughout their lives. Physical activity alone has been proven to release endorphins that reduce stress and improve mood.

Aside from the chemical reactions that occur from exercising, a major benefit of youth sports is the self-confidence it creates. Simply being included in a team atmosphere can boost a kid’s self-confidence. Winning a match, scoring a goal, or perfecting a routine can provide even more self-confidence while proving that hard work and dedication lead to success.

Many parents and kids see losing a game or competition as a negative. Although, many lessons are learned in these losses as well. 

Losses teach resilience and that not every circumstance in life will go as planned or desired. The resilience young people learn from losing in sports helps them handle other difficulties in life. 

“One of the biggest benefits I see from kids playing hockey and other sports is the socialization they acquire,” Lindsay Hofford noted. “They learn to respect authority figures while creating lifelong relationships with fellow team members. These are people they can turn to in times of difficulty and in times of triumph.”


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Physical Benefits of Youth Sports

The physical benefits of youth sports may seem obvious, but there are many underlying physical benefits as well. 

Studies have shown that only one in three kids participates in physical activity every day. Those who play sports tend to have superior cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles, and lower body fat than those who don’t play. 

A physical benefit we don’t often see until later in life is the good habits kids who play sports develop. They learn quickly of the benefits regular exercise can offer. The good health habits they learn while playing youth sports are carried with them throughout life.


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Lifelong Athlete Lindsay Hofford

Lindsay Hofford understands the mental and physical benefits of playing sports because he has played hockey his entire life. Youth sports contributed to Hofford’s excellent physical health, self-confidence, and even career. It has led him to share the physical and mental benefits of youth and adult sports with others.