Ann Arbor, Mi, August 9, 2022 – Make the Connection, Inc., a provider of technology solutions for small to mid-sized law firms, today announced the launch of its “Connect To My Attorney product.”

Connect To My Attorney (ConnectTMA) is the practice of law reimagined. The unique platform is designed specifically to help law firms enhance their workflow, access and intake new clients efficiently, serve all clients and prospects regardless of location, and profitably grow their business, not by charging clients more, but by having the ability to bill more through gains in client base and firm efficiency.

ConnectTMA was envisioned and built specifically for the needs of attorneys, by attorneys who understand the unique requirements of the profession. The platform provides a one-of-a-kind firm communication and collaboration “switchboard” that maximizes the use of a firm’s total staff, generating sizable increases in billable time and realization rates, regardless of where members of the firm are working. Additionally, it includes a patent-pending “privileged” mode when using the video feature of the product.

According to Jon Baron, Co-founder, and Head of Strategy, “In today’s highly competitive environment, ensuring that a firm’s entire team, not just attorneys, are operating at peak efficiency to drive growth, overall revenue, and profitability, is critical. That is why we designed our unique switchboard which reduces time to revenue. Additionally, all attorneys understand that protecting the privacy of client communications is of the utmost importance. So, among the product’s major features, ConnectTMA’s video conferencing allows attorneys to confidentially engage in conversations with their clients in privileged video mode ensuring their duty to protect information is upheld. Many people misunderstand the limitations, especially for attorneys, of end-to-end encrypted tunneling which all video conferencing tools provide. Our ConnectTMA solution has been designed with legal level privacy built in. ConnectTMA communications cannot be read or viewed by us or anyone else, and are never logged, stored, or recorded on our servers. No video conferencing product can make that statement other than ConnectTMA. None”

ConnectTMA is cloud-based and can be used on any device – mobile, desktop, or web – anywhere – at any time which allows support for firm workflow enhancements regardless of how a firm is operating, be it a brick-and-mortar law firm, including multi-office, a totally digital virtual firm, or a hybrid office.

The switchboard allows users in law firms to use the video feature to consult not only with clients and prospects, but also with outside attorneys and other professionals while in a meeting, and even has the ability to move clients and prospects in and out of a “digital lobby” with the use of the product “call center.”

About Make the Connection Inc.

Make the Connection Inc. was established in 2020 to create a unique platform to design and build a simple, intuitive, and convenient solution designed to meet the communication and collaboration needs of today’s law firms and their clients internally, as well as externally.

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