Nan Kuang Exhibition Hall 1, Taiwan, May 10, 2022 – Market Taiwan leadership put safety first by holding its 2022 Annual Convention (#MTWAC2022) as its first hybrid event, with thousands attending both in person and online. The powerful three-day event held in Nan Kuang Exhibition Hall was filled with excitement as live and virtual attendees anxiously awaited leadership presentations. Market Taiwan leaders covered many topics, including the history of Market America, newly unveiled and exclusive products, and new training tools to help the company’s distributors, known as UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs), grow their businesses. Most anticipated were Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Founder, Chairman & CEO JR Ridinger and Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM’s Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, who both presented virtually.



“I want to congratulate you because you are really demonstrating belief tonight. It took a lot to get out there this morning. I’m really impressed by that. You guys have set records. You set a record last night with your UBP (UnFranchise Business Presentation) hybrid event, and you set another record again today. It takes a lot of hard work to get so many people to attend online, and I am extremely impressed and applaud your effort, your belief, your commitment. You really made it happen,” said JR Ridinger.



“You’ve gotten used to hitting the ‘snooze’ button that gives you five extra minutes to sleep in the morning. What you need to do is the reverse. What you need to do is wake up 30 minutes earlier than you woke up today. I want you to try this tomorrow. Throw the sheets off of your body. Jump out of your bed. Take action. Do the things that you say you’re going to do that you haven’t done yet and watch what happens,” said Loren Ridinger. “Stop listening to the voice in your head. If you stay in your head, you’re dead. All the time that you spend convincing yourself that it won’t work for you, it takes the same amount of time to make it happen for you. It takes the same amount of energy to wake up 30 minutes earlier and throw the sheets off of you and work on your possibilities list. Contact and call the people that you haven’t called on your list. Make the effort to grow your business and to do something for you. That’s what you need to do.”



Also in attendance virtually was Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific, Kevin Buckman. Buckman emphasized that to be successful Unfranchise® Owners, UFOs must allow themselves to develop as leaders. “A good leader understands how to inspire others and help followers accomplish their goals to achieve their shared goals and dreams. This all starts with you leading by example,” said Buckman.



“Even though we had to have our Market Taiwan 2022 Annual Convention as a hybrid event, I would say this is one of the most successful UnFranchise Business Presentations we have every experienced when kicking off our annual conventions,” said Market Taiwan Country Manager, Claire Ni.  “UFOs were also very grateful to both JR and Loren for taking part in this year’s event. Only moments after the Ridingers spoke, we saw so many UFOs express their thanks and appreciation to both JR and Loren on Facebook.

On behalf of Market Taiwan, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Market America founding family and all of the presenters who took to the stage either in-person or virtually. We also want to applaud the local team here, as we have learned so much about providing not only the best in-person event but one that is just as valuable when available online. We thank everyone who played a part in the success of this year’s convention and we look forward to seeing Market Taiwan UFOs continue to grow their businesses, making Market Taiwan one of the strongest Market Countries within the Market America organization.”



Among the new products unveiled at #MTWAC2022 were VivoQuin (available here on SHOP.COM US or SHOP.COM Taiwan), Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Wellbeing Tea (available here on SHOP.COM US and coming soon to SHOP.COM Taiwan) and Ultimate Aloe Trial-Sized Marketing Packs (available through UFOS only). Executive Supervising Coordinator Dr. Steve Lee and National Supervising Coordinator Dr. Yang, Ming-Da took the stage to discuss each product’s ingredients and health benefits.*




Field Consultant Charlene Kao introduced many new products launched, including new Layered Jewelry pieces (available here on US or in Taiwan), Lumière de Vie® skincare items (available here on US or in Taiwan) and new Motives® cosmetics products. Charlene also lead the Motives Runway Show focused on the seasonal Motives® Moments Pressed Pigment Palette (available here on US or Taiwan) and Motives® 3-in-1 Cream Tints (available here on US or in Taiwan). Through the vibrant colors of pink and orange, the models captured the feeling of summer with a look for every moment.



Among a wide array of other speakers were Executive Director, Simon Liu and Director, Sofia Ma Yang. Sofia discussed how to develop retailing with trial-sized marketing. Sofia reminded UFOs that the best customers are the ones they have now. Therefore, the first thing to do is to serve existing customers and help them increase their product purchases. UFOs also need to build and classify a list of a minimum of 100 prospects. By sharing product samples, UFOs create interaction with their customers. Sofia emphasized that it is important to “always give customers what they want and not what you want.”

Executive Director Simon Liu took to the stage to discuss the skills and expertise of implementing the evaluation approach and the non-decision closing. Simon explained that the purpose of inviting friends to evaluate the business is not to recruit but to lead to the right people to join. During the trial run process, UFOs qualify people. Only when the prospects own the right attitude to develop an UnFranchise Business is when the time is right to sponsor this prospect as a business partner. Simon reminded everyone that only qualified prospects can become UFO business partners and others can continue to be customers so UFOs can build a stable team.




“No one else has the tracking system that comes with the UnFranchise Business Model. I hope you realize this and appreciate it,” said JR. “Then we remove all the barriers because you work with a successful partner who has an economic interest in your success and you join a team. What other business do you know of where the successful owners and entrepreneurs of a business want to help you? Start a dry cleaners. Start a restaurant. Start a little app development company. See who helps you. These other business owners aren’t going to help you. They don’t have time and they don’t make anything to help you succeed. In fact, they’re going to try to make you go out of business. But here it’s the opposite. Why do we thrive? Because we are adaptive, we are relevant. This is your chance. You just need to do the things that have been laid out by people who have come before you who have made it. I hope that attending this event creates a magic moment. A magic moment is when the future is unknown. You haven’t made up your mind yet. People aren’t sure if you will ever make it. You even wonder sometimes. It’s when you’re scared and unsure and then that magic moment happens. A billionth of a volt comes across your cerebral cortex and you come to believe. You come to commit. You get up and change your mind. And in that moment, your future is determined. Greatness is born when someone changes their mind. When you change your mind, you change your future.”



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