Patients thinking about seeing a psychiatrist may wonder how long appointments will last. Sessions can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The length generally depends on a few factors, such as whether it’s a patient’s first session and where they are in their mental health journey. Whether patients are looking for a psychiatrist in Austin or somewhere else, here’s what to expect:

What to expect in a first session

During the first session a psychiatrist will ask many questions to get an understanding of what the patient is experiencing. This could include asking about symptoms and symptom history, previous medical or mental health history, current life stressors and lifestyle habits, as well as any medications being taken. The psychiatrist may also want to understand family dynamics that might influence any current issues. All this information will help them better assess the situation, come up with a diagnosis, and provide the appropriate treatment plan.

Length of a first session

Typically, a first session lasts 45 minutes to an hour, but this can vary depending on availability and the severity of the issue. Some psychiatrists may allow for longer sessions as needed, while others may offer 20-minute consultations over the phone or online.

Follow-up sessions

In follow-up appointments, the psychiatrist may assess how well treatments are working and if any changes need to be made. They may also discuss what other beneficial strategies or treatments Each session is tailored to the individual’s specific situation and needs, so the format may vary from person to person.

Length of follow-up sessions

Often, follow-up sessions with a psychiatrist will be shorter than the initial appointment, about 15 to 30 minutes. Sessions may be shorter or longer depending on the patient’s needs.

Appointment frequency

In addition to session length, appointment frequency may also change over time. New patients may see a psychiatrist on a monthly basis. As patients stabilize on medication, sessions may become less frequent. Appointment frequency is usually determined on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the individual’s progress and needs and may change as the patient’s situation changes.

The bottom line

Overall, session length with a psychiatrist can vary depending on individual. It is important to discuss session lengths prior to any appointments so that both parties can agree on the best course of action for treatment.

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