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Mobile water treatment allows water purification from any source like rivers, ponds, sea, etc., using a mounting system. Then the purified water is transported to remote areas. Mobile water treatment is a fast and cost-effective process of water purification; therefore, it is used in various industries like oil & gas, mining, etc. Both surface water and groundwater can be treated using mobile water treatment systems. When these units are used for groundwater treatment, they save a lot of money because they can complete the treatment on the spot, eliminating transportation. Furthermore, even minute particles can be removed from the water during treatment in a mobile unit.

Growing demand for potable water supply due to less availability of natural water sources in the North American countries is boosting the demand for mobile water treatment in the region. In 2015, the total amount of water used in the U. S. was around 322 billion gallons per day (Bgal/d), with freshwater accounting for 87% of that total. Thermoelectric power (133 Bgal/d) and irrigation (118 Bgal/d) were the highest withdrawals. Water is used to cool thermoelectric power plants.

Although power generation accounts for 41% of daily water demands, just 3% of these withdrawals are consumptive. Irrigation encompasses both water used for agricultural crops and water utilized for landscaping, golf courses and parks, among other things. In 2015, over 87% of the population in the U.S relied on public water supplies, with the remainder relying on domestic wells. Surface water withdrawals account for 74% of all water withdrawals. In 2021, there will be around 147,000 publicly owned water systems providing piped water for human consumption, with approximately 50,000 (34%) being community water systems (CWSs). 9% of all CWSs give water to 79% of the population. The mentioned statistics have created a huge demand for high purity water in industrial and potable end-users, leading to demand for water treatment technology to overcome the rising demand.

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