New York personal injury law firm protects the rights of victims of the tragedy and their survivors.

Benedict P. Morelli, founder of New York’s Morelli Law Firm, is a highly experienced trial lawyer with a well-known reputation for protecting victims’ rights. However, often, victims are not aware of what their rights are under the law.

When a fire breaks out in an apartment building, there may be multiple causes, and these may be the result of negligence. The source of the tragic fire that broke out in this Bronx apartment complex on January 9, 2022, was determined to be a faulty electric heater. This could be a manufacturing defect, which could leave the heater’s manufacturer liable. However, there could be other contributing factors and liable parties. 

In July of 2021, the State of New York passed a law that stated that all doors in apartment buildings must be self-closing. When doors are open, fires spread quickly. Records show that complaints were filed with Housing Preservation and Development against the owners of the Fordham Heights complex alleging that a stairwell door would not close and the building was not heated properly. In addition to this, the building frequently had false fire alarms due to a faulty alarm system. 

When a lack of maintenance, inspections, and repairs is involved, government entities and the building’s owners could be legally responsible for compensating any victims. Morelli Law Firm will conduct an independent investigation into the causes of the Twin Parks North West fire and help the victims and their loved ones to get the largest possible settlement from any and all liable parties. 

Mr. Morelli encourages victims of this tragedy to reach out to Morelli Law Firm for legal guidance about any potential Bronx apartment fire lawsuit. Survivors of the fire have been left struggling to find shelter and cover basic necessities while many are left coping with serious injuries — and the resulting bills. In addition to this, victims may have lost the salary, the support of a deceased loved one, and be facing mounting medical bills. 

Victims of the Bronx apartment fire are not alone. A New York personal injury lawyer can help injured parties and their loved ones to get the support they need to cover their expenses and get necessary medical treatment. Victims are encouraged to reach out for a free claim evaluation.

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