Defense Technology Nuclear Submarine 25 26 and 27 July 2022

At the Crypto convention center

Los Angeles California Military Contractor in Electronics Engineering Technology. Former Dow Jones and wall street employee. Electronic Company

Anaheim B Test

On Trident II  and inventor of LCE Black Box Technology. On

$5.99 per view. Watch around the world.


Will do a IPO estimate $5.6 Billion Dollars.

Livestreamerscom using Morgan Stanley Soon !But if you can handle advertising
We need a contracts.

Dennis Matthews

Former worker of Dow Jones and Wall Street Industrial and Interstate Electronics worker Trident
The Biggest Pre IPO in World History!
Livestreamerscom and will be on the 162 Countries pay per view in Las Vegas Nevada.
19 July 2022 and At US Global Business Forum event at Los Angeles California Convention Center 25 26 and 27 key Note Speaker on Bridge Technology.
Mr.Dennis Matthews CEO
A Electronic Engineer will
Setup 12 Media Studio From Hollywood California and across with SIR Studio.
The United States will cover the
Best  location in United States.
Globalization of pay per view
To pay for live streaming media Events worldwide.
This will create the biggest media Streaming Platform
Of Satellite Network worldwide.
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Kevin Kaul
pH 415-988-0598
Email: [email protected]