InsightAce Analytic Pvt. Ltd. has announced the publication of a market research report titled “Global Next-Generation Personalized Nutrition Market by (Service type (Questionnaire/Survey Based, Wearables and Apps, Home Test Kits, and Others (Consultation, etc.)), Application (Biomarkers/ Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools, Genetics/ Nutrigenomics, Microbiome/Next Generation Probiotics, and Physical Traits & Lifestyle Based Solution)) – Market Outlook and Industry Analysis 2030”

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Personalized nutrition has evolved beyond a trend in recent years. A new generation of customers has demanded personalized nutrition to replace the complexity caused by the mass marketing of “one size fits all” nutritional products. Personalized nutrition refers to nutritional recommendations that are made specifically to promote, maintain, and prevent disease. The emergence of technology and growing consumer interest in nutrition and wellness, along with enhanced access to nutrition and wellness information, results in the development of new health products and services centred on tailored diets and convenience. Through guide health decisions, personalized techniques can begin with surveys and progress to genetic analysis, blood-based biomarkers, microbiome analysis, and metabolomics. Additionally, Home Test Kits and wearables for continuous monitoring can provide feedback on the effectiveness and be used to change diet parameters such as ingredients and dosage.  For instance, one can utilize basic survey questions and meal trackers to evaluate whether an individual is low in nutrients such as EPA/DHA, Vitamin D, and fibre.

Market Dynamics:

Recent growth in personalized nutrition has been bolstered by several factors, including increased demand for customized experiences, increased appreciation for healthier foods and improved fitness, the ability to track health data via wearable solutions, and ongoing advancements in personalized nutrition. The emergence of new data-driven technologies has increased exponentially the demand for individuals trained at the interface of computational and clinical or translational approaches. The adoption of data-driven methods will necessitate the creation of a personalized food and health infrastructure system based on advanced computational technologies capable of storing, processing, and sharing data. The market is primarily driven by advancements in genomic science and improved practice of healthy eating, rapidly growing concerns about inadequate nutrition and the emergence of wearable-based wellness devices. Additionally, the market’s growth is expected to be fueled by the effective integration of genuinely personalized health and wellness information into medical diagnoses and treatments (including nutrition therapies). The spread of COVID-19 is expected to increase the demand for personalized nutrition across the globe.  Numerous wellness-related companies are adopting a more personal approach, customized nutrition plans, exercise monitors, and fitness trackers. This is expected to generate lucrative opportunities over the forecast period.

North America is expected to lead the market for personalized nutrition due to changing consumer preferences, such as increasing the taste for high-quality nutritional food. In the projection period, the rising trend of leading a healthy lifestyle among all age groups and technological breakthroughs and advancements provide profitable prospects for regional market players.

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The following key companies are engaged in the Next-Generation Personalized Nutrition market:

Arborvitae, Baze, BiogeniQ, Bitbite, Datassential, Day Two Ltd., DNAFit, Flavourspace B.V., FoodMinds, Freshly, GenBiome, GenoPalate, Glucovation, Habit food personalized, Healbe Corporation, InsideTracker, Ixcela, Lifefuels, Loewi, Mixfit Inc., myDNAhealth, Noom, Inc., Nutrigenomix, Nutrino, Onegevity Health, Onex Corporation, Pathway Genomics, Phynova Group Limited, PlateJoy, Inc., Shopwell, SmartPlate, Spoon Guru, STYR, Suggestic, Tespo, Tivity Health, Viome, Inc., Vydiant, WellnessFX, Inc., Whisk, Zipongo, Amazing Food Solution, Inc., Atlas Biomed Group Ltd., Caligenix, Drawbridge Health, Inc., Food Gene & Me, Eurogenetica Ltd., Molecular You Corp., Sundose, O2 Studio, Geneplanet, DNApa, and other prominent players.

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