Astute Analytica published a new report deciphering the North America Garage Furniture Market, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains meaningful insights, facts, and historical data and statistically supported, and industry-validated market required to shape the growth of the market.

North America garage furniture market was valued at US$ 708.9 Million in 2020. North America Garage Furniture Market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 2.4 % in the forecast period 2021-2027. If you are associated with the industry or mean to be, at that point this research report will give you a far-reaching standpoint.  In the past years, the market has shown growth and is expected to show in the upcoming years.

Find additional highlights on the growth strategies adopted by vendors & their product offerings:

What does the North America Garage Furniture Market report contain?

  • Market size of North America Garage Furniture Market of 2017 and the expected market size in 2027 to unmask the opportunities to enhance the growth.
  • Prominent growth drivers, restraint factors, challenges, opportunity analysis of the market.
  • Largest revenue generating products or services and their comparative growth rate.
  • Value chain analysis, regulatory framework along with the market background and overview to recognize which activities are most valuable and the ones that could be improved to provide competitive advantage.
  • Leading key players in North America Garage Furniture Market and their competitive positioning based on their market share, Product portfolio, recent developments in the market and their strategic outlooks.
  • Covid-19 Impact analysis on the North America Garage Furniture Market.
  • PESTLE analysis to analyse key factors Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental influencing the North America Garage Furniture Market considering the external environment.
  • Porter’s five force analysis for understanding the forces that shape competition within a market. It is also helpful to adjust strategy and improve potential profit.
  • Market segmentation to define and better understand the target audience or ideal customers, this allows to identify the right market for your products.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis including Y-o-Y growth and industrial structure.
  • Competitive landscape analysis for better understanding of industries and markets and rapid and significant technological change. This chapter will include market concentration rate, Companies market share analysis and competitor mapping.
  • Exhaustive primary and secondary research of market key players, industry verticals etc.

In-Depth Qualitative COVID 19 Outbreak Impact Analysis Include Identification and Investigation of The Following Aspects:

Market Structure, Growth Drivers, Restraints and Challenges, Emerging Product Trends & Market Opportunities, Porter’s Five Forces. The report also inspects the financial standing of the leading companies, which includes gross profit, revenue generation, sales volume, sales revenue, manufacturing cost, individual growth rate, and other financial ratios. The report basically gives information about the market trends, growth factors, limitations, opportunities, challenges, future forecasts, and details about all the key market players.

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Market Taxonomy:

North America Garage Furniture Market is segmented in the following segments. In 2020, By Product type, tool storage holds the highest share of 33.5%, while other types of products are cumulatively holding 66.5% of the market share.

By Product Type

  • Storage Solutions (cabinets)
    • General Storage
    • Drawer Cabinets
    • Overhead Storage
    • Tall Cabinets
  • Shelves & Racks
  • Tool Storage
  • Work Benches
  • Chairs & Stools
  • Pit Stop Furniture

By Material

  • Metal
  • Wire
  • MDF
  • Plastic
  • Wood

By Application

  • Heavy Duty
  • General

By Distribution Channel

  • Direct Sales (B2B)
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Retail Stores
  • E-commerce

By End-User

  • Residential (Individuals – DIY)
  • Vehicle Service Centers/ Garages
    • Automotive Dealerships
    • General Service Garages
  • Automotive OEMs

By Country

  • The U.S.
  • Canada
  • Mexico

What factors are taken into consideration when assessing the key market players?

The report analyzes companies across the globe in detail.

The report provides an overview of major vendors in the market, including key players.

Reports include information about each manufacturer, such as profiles, revenue, product pricing, and other pertinent information about the manufactured products.

This report includes a comparison of market competitors and a discussion of the standpoints of the major players.

Market reports provide information regarding recent developments, mergers, and acquisitions involving key players.

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North America Garage Furniture Market Report includes the names of market key players:

Homak Mfg Co. Inc., Intro-Tech (Pitstop furniture), ATD Tools, Inc., Connected Automotive Systems (, Apex Tool Group (Gear Wrench), Black and Decker, Dura Ltd., Cipher Auto Inc., OMP Group and Harwal Group of Companies (Duramax), and other prominent players.

These players have adopted various business strategies including expansions, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, new product launches, and collaborations to gain and maintain a strong base within the industry.

Each study, more than 100+ pages, is packed with tables, charts and insightful narrative including coverage on: 

Astute Analytica provides complete tailor-made market reports that deliver vital market information on industry. Our market reports include:

  • Market Sizing and Structuring
  • Micro and macro analysis
  • Regional dynamics and Operational landscape
  • Demographic profiling and Addressable market
  • Legal Set-up and Regulatory frameworks
  • Profitability and Cost analysis
  • Segmentation analysis of Market
  • Existing marketing strategies in the market, Best practice, GAP analysis
  • Competitive landscape, Leading market players, Benchmarking
  • Future market trends and opportunities – Scenario modeling

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