Open Weaver has become a Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, to contribute to the building blocks of an open metaverse.

 Open source is central to the future of digital innovation, and joining the Metaverse Standards Forum paves the way for Open Weaver to collaborate on defining standards of an open metaverse.

 New York, July 20, 2022 – Open Weaver announced that it has become a principal member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, fostering the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse.

With a mission to ‘Reinvent Digital Realization’ and improve the way applications are built, Open Weaver is helping millions of global developers build applications easier and faster. Open Weaver’s kandi platform jumpstarts application development by bringing together artificial intelligence and reuse. kandi helps developers accelerate application development through seamless discovery of code snippets, open source libraries, packages, and cloud APIs, build complex industry use cases through kandi kits, and stay ahead on technology trends. Metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality, and related technologies are among the fastest-growing applications built through kandi.

“Our collaboration with the Metaverse Standards Forum will help us contribute towards an open, and open source based metaverse”, said Ashok Balasubramanian, CEO of Open Weaver. He added, “Open source is at the forefront of innovation by reducing adoption risk and driving scale through democratizing development across global developers. An open metaverse is essential for scalable adoption. We are delighted to be part of the Metaverse Standards Forum.”

Organizations derive significant benefits from the open source ecosystem. Contributing to the open source community is essential to nurturing long-term benefits and innovation. Collaborating with the Metaverse Standard Forum paves the way for Open Weaver to help scale metaverse focused digital development.

About Metaverse Standard Forum:

The Metaverse Standards Forum brings together companies and standards organizations to foster alignment on requirements and priorities for metaverse interoperability standards, and accelerate their development and deployment through pragmatic, action-based projects. Open to any organization at no cost. Learn more at

About Open Weaver:

Open Weaver is a SaaS tech company changing the way the world builds digital. Open Weaver is headquartered in New York, with operations across the US and India. Open Weaver’s mission is Reinventing Digital Realization and has invested in a multi-year roadmap for digital development enablers. For more information, visit


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