Optical Fiber Testing, an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. The optical-time domain reflectometer is considered at the core of fiber optic characterization.

The optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is used as a troubleshooting device to find faults, splices, and bends in fiber optic cables, with an eye toward identifying light loss. Light loss is especially important in fiber optic cables because it can interfere with the transmission of data. An OTDR can detect such light loss and pinpoint trouble areas, facilitating the maintenance and repair process.

Last year, Telecommunications applications, led in relative market share of the worldwide consumption value of handheld OTDRs and multi-test units with initial OTDR use and add-on OTDR modules.

The fastest annual growth, however, is forecasted for the consumption of OTDRs in the Private Networks, due to the increase optical fiber deployment in LANs (local area networks), campus (LAN extension inter-building, LAN-to-LAN and redundant lines), and (very large) Data Centers (DCs), driven by critical high-speed data applications. Private networks require an OTDR solution to accommodate a single-mode or multimode application and test scenario from relatively short to longer distances. With the exception of Military, ElectroniCast counts the use of OTDRs by the Government sector in the Private Network category.

The coronavirus pandemic remains a major concern throughout the world. In some countries, many “non-essential” businesses are limited, employment is affected by “on and off again” quarantine or limited quarantine of the public. However, recently many governments have eased the quarantine status. Depending on political, economic, health and several other consideration factors, some restrictions could be extended several more months. Because of the impact on production, sales, shipment and implementation (and other) caused by the negative effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the waves of multiple variants of the virus, ElectroniCast is forecasting a challenge to OTDR consumption in 2022.

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