Residents of Alexandria, Virginia, love where they live. Steeped in history, and in proximity to Washington, D.C., Alexandria is often the place to live if you want close access to the nation’s capital. The city’s location, along the Potomac River, also contributes to the warm, humid climate that so many of us long for. And there lies an issue: Pests, like mosquitoes and other bugs and insects, love Alexandria’s climate too. And once entrenched, it takes a seasoned Alexandria exterminator to deal with the challenge. 


Home is where the pests ain’t! 

A person’s home is often where their heart is…and where their families and friends are, and where great memories and moments happen. But pests, like flying, buzzing, biting and annoying mosquitoes can ruin your enjoyment of your property. Often seasonal in nature, flies and mosquitoes thrive in warm and humid climates – the type where friends and families often venture outdoors for family events and gatherings. And that’s when pests, like mosquitoes, have a party too!



At the first sight of mosquitoes, it’s important to call a professional, specializing in pest control in Alexandria VA, to immediately deal with the issue. Unlike flies and ants, mosquitoes feast on blood – human and animal. And, in addition to being an annoyance and a party-pooper, in some cases, they transmit diseases like West Nile virus and Malaria. 

While some pests do good for the planet, a good home or work environment should be pest free. The quicker you deal with your mosquito threat, the better it is for your and your family’s (and friends and guests) health. They don’t just say “Breeding like mosquitoes!” as a joke. From egg to blood sucking adults – depending on the environmental conditions in/around your property – the transition can occur in as little as 4-days! And, unless you act swiftly to control the pesky pests, you may have a bigger problem on your hands!

Dealing with the issue

Each home, office, warehouse, or factory has unique mosquito, fly and bug challenges. When you get in touch with an Alexandria exterminator, to discuss your pest issues, look for someone with experience. Many corporate-sponsored pest controllers dish out cookie-cutter solutions – those “off the shelf” solutions might not work on your property. Instead, trust an exterminator who doesn’t put profit before pests – and often, you’ll find family run companies fit that profile. 

Ideally, your pest control professional will take a multi-faceted approach to eradicating your mosquito problem:

– Survey the challenge: Without finding out what the issue is, and where it emanates from, no solution is effective

– Fighting the root: Eggs and larva turn into hundreds of adult mosquitoes. Your exterminator will apply larvicide only if necessary, and at strategic locations to address the issues

– Dealing with the pest: Next, they’ll apply adulticide material that eradicate adult mosquitoes all over the property 


Ignoring your pest problems won’t make them go away – they’ll only get worse over time. To get the best results, work with a long-established family-run businesses specializing in pest control in Alexandria VA. You’ll not only receive value for money, but you’ll notice the marked difference in quality of service – personalized, rather than commercialized!