Pinterest may be your favorite place to find your next DIY project, but that’s not all it does! Behind Pinterest is a powerful data collection tool that helps us understand upcoming trends based on searches, click-throughs, and a staggering amount of data points.

The best part of all this trend data is that Pinterest releases it freely to anyone who advertises with them as a way to help businesses understand the needs of their customers. But you don’t need to be an advertiser to learn which trends are on the way for weddings in 2023 because we’ve done the work for you! Here are the top trends for weddings, according to Pinterest.

Extravagant parties

It seems the rustic barn venue trend is fading in popularity, with couples opting to go big for their special day. What’s particularly interesting is that searches have increased not only for wedding venue ideas but anniversary party venue ideas, too. Pinterest saw a 370% increase in “golden anniversary party” searches from past years, showing that the party never ends for many couples.

However, before you start opting for a Great Gatsby-style wedding, consider your budget. The average wedding venue cost can be much higher than you expect, so make sure to do your research.

Deep natural color tones

It seems the white wedding dress is falling out of favor, with more brides opting for striking colors instead. Wedding color palette searches are learning more toward terracotta, copper, rust, and burnt orange tones, with a 230% increase in “terracotta bridesmaid dress” searches.

The warm, rich color palettes may run through the entire wedding decor scape or even just for pops of color here and there. Pinterest says that searches for colorful wedding ideas are running the gamut, from dresses and tuxes to flowers and tablescapes.

What if I don’t want a colorful or extravagant wedding?

Remember that your wedding doesn’t need to follow trends for it to be beautiful! A timeless, classic wedding can look amazing with the right décor and planning. Keep your focus on details like choosing the right flowers, table linens, and favors that reflect your personality and style.

The most essential part, though, is ensuring your wedding fits within your budget. So many couples end up going overboard on their wedding day only to get stuck with a bill that takes years to pay off. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help with ideas or to pitch in to cover some of the costs.

The bottom line

According to Pinterest, the top wedding trends for 2023 are extravagant parties, deep natural hues, and wedding colors that run the gamut. Whether you want a colorful or classic wedding, keeping an eye on current trends will help inspire you to make it truly unique and memorable. However, remember that your wedding doesn’t have to follow trends in order to be beautiful – find the details that reflect your personality and style and stay within your budget to ensure your once-in-a-lifetime day is as perfect as you imagined.