Dr. Frank Gunderson is a professor and educator in the field of music. In his free time, he loves traveling to Africa to study African music. He has also written many award-winning papers and books and even created a documentary showcasing African music and the culture surrounding it. He has a love for African music and African culture, and as such, he recommends people travel to Africa if they are able to do so. If you are planning on visiting Africa, listen in as Dr. Gunderson provides you with some tips on things you should always pack and bring with you.

Frank Gunderson Recommends Bringing a LifeStraw or Water Filtration Device

Dr. Frank Gunderson says that many places in Africa have drinking water available. However, there are some places where the water can be questionable. If you are ever in doubt, it is always recommended that you use a water filtration device or bring a LifeStraw with you. This allows you to safely drink water without being fearful of drinking bacteria and possibly getting sick.

Frank Gunderson States a Universal Power Adapter Is a Must

Dr. Frank Gunderson explains that different parts of Africa have different types of outlets. If you are visiting one area in Africa, you can find out what specific type of adapter you may need for that specific area. However, if you are visiting multiple parts of Africa, you should play it safe and get a universal power adapter. This allows you to use any type of outlet you come across to charge your electrical devices during your visit to Africa.

Frank Gunderson Explains Why a First Aid Kit Should Be Packed

Dr. Frank Gunderson states that medication in Africa differs, and getting access to things such as band-aids or wound care creams is not easy. As such, Dr. Gunderson strongly recommends that you pack a first aid kit with you and keep it with you as you explore different parts of Africa. This can come in handy if you or someone else is not feeling well or experiences a minor injury.

Frank Gunderson Says Closed-Toe Shoes Are Strongly Recommended

Dr. Frank Gunderson says the final thing that he recommends packing and bringing with you to Africa is closed-toe shoes. Whether you are going on a hike, touring an animal sanctuary, or visiting a village, closed-toe shows can come in handy while also protecting your feet from insects. While it may be hot some days, protecting your feet with closed-toe shoes is important.

Dr. Frank Gunderson encourages everyone who is able to visit Africa. He loves the culture and the music. However, the culture is quite different, and as such, there are a few things you should bring with you if you are planning a trip. Dr. Gunderson recommends having a way to drink clean water, bringing your own universal power adapter, having a first aid kit with you and packing closed-toe shoes if you are traveling to Africa.